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The 12:45 Update From The CA Championship

tigerogilvyPlayers have completed third round play, after the weather suspended play late Saturday. The first page of the leaderboard had a few surprises. Sitting pretty on top of the leaderboard is Geoff Ogilvy at -16, followed by Vijah Singh, Greme Storm, Retief Goosen, Jim Furyk and Adam Scott at -12. Tiger Woods and Anders Hansen with -11, while Tim Clarke has -10 and KJ Choi at -9.

As Tiger Woods gets ready to make a come from behind surge, here is a look at tornament statistics versus Ogilvy’s.

Geoff Ogilvy after the third round
1 Eagles tied for 3rd
14 Birdies tied for 12th
35 Pars tied for 27th
4 Bogeys tied 10th
Driving Accuracy 45.2% tied for 56th
Driving Distance 305.3 yds 7th
Putts Per Round 27.0 tied 21st
Putts Per Green In Round 1.649 tied 17th
Green In Regulation 68.7 tied 15th
Sand Saves 100% tied for 1st

Tiger Woods after third round
2 Eagles tied for 1st
11 Birdies tied for 43rd
37 Pars tied for 9th
4 Bogeys tied for 70th
Driving Accuracy 59.4% tied for 14th
Driving Distance 301.3 16th
Putts Per Round 28.7 tied 55th
Putts Per Green In Regulation 1.77 tied for 50th
Sand Saves 57.1 tied for 34th

Lets see if Tiger will overcome the defict on his scorecard and attack Ogilvy and other to take the lead, with Tiger its all possible.

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