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Alfonzo Blackwell Blowing Up A Storm On His New Release – Dance To This


The critically awaited new release from Alfonzo Blackwell entitled “Dance To This” will hit stores on March 31, 2008. This electrifying new release features opening/title track, “Dance To This” which is a feel good track with a heavy dose of sax. “Back It Up” (featuring Utopia Records label mate Rebecca Buxton on Baritone Saxophone ) and is a very upbeat track with some serious horns.

“Inside My Heart”. is a compelling ballad with Blackwell’s soprano sax pulling lifelessly through the track. Blackwell’s horn has a crispy sound, sharp to the soul but smooth on the ears. “This Is Real” is a mid-tempo track, which by my prediction will hit the charts with a bang. “Take A Look” will get you up and dancing to the drum lines that lace its tracks is enough to get you up and kicking. Alfonzo will be strutting all the way to the bank as his CD hit the shelves. Brilliant, genius, melodious and down right hot is this CD.

Alfonzo first took contemporary jazz scene by storm in 1995 with his debut CD release, “Let’s Imagine”. He broke the mold upon his arrival. He garnered great success and critical acclaim with all of his CD projects while delivering his unique musical style. Top 10 radio hits including “Alfonzo’s Love Theme”, “Herminia”, “Passion” and “Funky Shuffle” contribute to his many accomplishments. Alfonzo’s music videos have struck an indelible chord with such original content; he received recognition with Billboard Award nominations. He also composes themes for movies as well as television, having co-written the theme song to the internationally successful television show, “Baywatch Nights” where he was featured every week with David Hasselhoff. Among honing his craft of playing alto, soprano and tenor saxophones, he is a well accomplished bass, drum, guitar and piano player. He has graced the stage and performed with numerous music greats which includes Gladys Knight, The Whispers and Roy Ayers to name a few. He also performs with contemporary soul artists such as Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans and Brian McKnight.

As a child he taught himself to play the piano by ear at the tender age of six. Destined for greatness, this Queens, New York native was accepted at the prestigious (Fame) Performing Arts High School in NYC and then continued his advance studies at Queens College and Five Towns College in Long Island, NY.

Undoubtedly, Alfonzo Blackwell is one amongst the elite music industry veterans. He is a maverick in every way. His music, sophistication, passion and style are forever young and fresh…he’s forever timeless.


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