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The World Golf Championsship/CA Championsip A Recreational Golfer’s Point Of View

If you are a recreational golfer who has dreamt of being within the ropes with some of the world’s top players – going toe to toe, then staking out the scene at the CA Championship at Doral Golf Resort in Miami, Florida could have you half way there. But I am not your average recreational golfer, I carry a 9 handicap and swing like the guys on tour, down side is my short game needs work. So in watching the practice rounds and visiting the practice areas for the past few days, you can understand why I am a blogging golfer versus a player on tour.

All Hail The King

All Hail The King

This game of golf takes some special skills, some of which I have and some of which I don’t. Like Allen Iverson, I am not big on practice; I do not envy VJ Singh, who is rumored to practice eight hours a day whether he is playing or not. I am no Tiger either, my club head speed is no way near his, and I can’t sink a 60-foot putt. I do not have the wiggles like Sergio and I am not as cool as Stephen Ames, however I may be Caribbean enough. For these guys, as far as I can tell they work day in and day out to polish the skills that we all dream about. Whether it’s the mental game, course management or that extra half of hour they put in after every round it all adds up.
The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse

So this week as I follow these guys during their round, I will try to write about the ways that we are different even though I am girl. I will watch the balls split the fairways, I will enjoy a water shot, I will agree and disagree with the lay-ups and of course I will admire the 300 yards drives. Not to mention I will compare the swings of Adam Scott and Tiger Woods and will see if VJ Singh putting game is back. Until then Fore!!!!!

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