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Common Brought Hop Hip Baby!!!

This Is Hip Hop baby

This Is Hip Hop baby

I surely hope that when the Miami Dolphins return for their 2009 NFL season, they will pick up right where Hip Hop superstar Common left off on the grounds of the Dolphin Stadium on Saturday night at Jazz In The Gardens. Common who performed following the sizzling hot Erykah Badu, had his work cut out for him, but the crowd of over 45,000 were literally on their feet from the start, as he opened his set with that oh so popular joint “Go”. His set was fluid, high energy and most time simply amazing, performing tracks like “Suga and Sex” and Announcement taken from his latest album – Universal Mind Control.

The Hip Hop Renaissance Man as he is affectionately called says “its all about pushing boundaries and winning”, and it was obvious as he took the crowd through a nostalgic medley of songs over his musical career. His career which has lasted over some 16 years has obviously prepared him for this magnificent transformation as an artist. Common who is famous for his high energy stage performance, did not fail to deliver for the Jazz In The Gardens patrons in attendance. He paid tribute to his home town of Chicago and gave a shout out to his colleague Kanye West and even teamed up with his former girlfriend Erykah Badu to do the song “The Light”.

Following his performance, Common held at a press conference, when he was asked about his decision to appear at the Jazz in the Gardens festival, he said that he was drawn to the warmth and love of the people of Miami Gardens and gave kudos to Mayor Shirley Gibson for her hard work and great hospitality. Common vows to return to the Miami Gardens community to give back to the people, who have supported him over the years. He further commented on the status of hip hop music, saying that hip hop is an art form, its graffiti, its fashion, it’s an expression and that’s why it will live on.

Common who has plans to launch a film company this year, is also working on fourth children’s book and the Common Ground Foundation in Chicago.

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