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Fuzzy Zoeller Bids Farewell From The Masters

Masterful Farewell

Masterful Farewell

Fuzzy Zoeller’s appearance in the 2009 Masters marks the 30th anniversary of his first Masters’ win. Zoeller who is one of three rookies to have earned a green jacket at their first Masters outing, was competing this year for just one more shot at a green jacket. Fuzzy Zoeller, the quiet, but some time outspoken jokester, will leave the greens, southern prestige and loud roars at Amen Corner behind as he bows out gracefully after missing the cut. However, he will continue to play on the Champions Tour where he has enjoyed success. The big question around the golf circles will be how Augusta remembers Fuzzy Zoeller. Will the world continue to punish him for the off-the cuff comments he made about the dinner menu for Tiger Woods in 1997 or will golf fans see him as regular guy who made a poor judgment. Having responded to the Tiger Woods comments a million times over, Fuzzy has publicly stated that the comments were made innocently and was not meant to hurt anyone. He said that he is great friends with Tiger Woods, but will have to take those comments to his grave. Zoeller says he is still the same jokester who love to tease his colleagues on tour, loves the game and enjoys the fans. He said the biggest mistake a rookie can make in playing at the Masters is not using the local caddies at Augusta. Zoeller said that the local caddies are better suited as they have great knowledge and understanding of the course. Fuzzy who is really good friends with ESPN Basketball Analyst Bobby Knight says that retirement is treating Knight well, he says that Knight is loving his ESPN gig and playing lots more golf. As to another pal of his – Jon Daly, Zoeller say that he hopes that Daly will come to grips with his situation and make a full recovery. So while Fuzzy rides out from the Masters, he will be back on the Champions Tour creating havoc wih John Jacobs and the boys.

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