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Will Downing Is So Amazing

Will Downing Back On Track
Brooklyn-born singer/songwriter Will Downing’s career extends over some two decades. With these valuable years under his belt, Downing has gotten better lyrically and excelled musically. He brings a very unique style to his ballads and his music could be classified as R&B, Soul, Smooth Jazz or Adult Contemporary. Lyrically he is a masterful and gifted writer and vocally he has an extremely distinct and accomplished sound, both of which is a winning combination for the “long haul” needed to succeed as an artist.

Downing has earned his keeps on the musical sound stage as he surely did not arrive on a silver platter overnight. After working behind the scenes with 1980s club producer King Arthur Baker and songbird Jennifer Holiday, Downing ventured out on his own to work on his solo project. His self-titled debut album (“Will Downing’) was released in 1988. Since 1988 Downing has presented his music and engaging live performances to hundreds of fans worldwide. He has toured extensively in Europe and the US, with venues ranging from intimate club settings to large outdoor concerts and music festivals. Will Downing’s music has been consistent and his signature brassy bedroom voice has coupled with female vocalists like of Phyllis Hyman, Chante Moore and Rachel Farrell. He has collaborated with the like of Gerald Albright and Jonathan Butler and appeared on stage with George Duke, Jonathan Butler, Art Porter, Regina Belle and Lee Ritenour among other jazz greats.

Downing has given his fans the pleasure of listening to his rather seductive voice blended with musical arrangements which makes his music on even comparison to the late Barry White as far as love ballads are concerned. Famed music producer Rex Rideout has been a staple on quite a number of his albums. The Lyrics from songs like “Do You Still Love Me”, “ Don’t Talk To Me Like That”, ”Million Ways” and “After Tonight” could be the topics taught in the Love 101 class for men or women at the local college. The lyrics cut deeply into you love conscience, forcing you to be “perfect in love” or simply to try be.

Will Downing to his fans is this one consummate music professional, who did not disappoint, and is considered to be an invincible giant in the music business. But two years ago, when we all found out that he was ill; it was a reality check no one was willing to cash. Downing was diagnosed with Polymyositis a muscular inflammatory disease which took over his life as he would have known it. He was hospitalized for a long period of time and faced the biggest challenge of his life. But the disease did not overcome him totally; as he fought back with courage and faith and mustered up the energy to record his latest album entitled “After Tonight”. While fulfilling a promise to his fans in South Florida at the recently concluded Miami Gardens “Jazz In The Gardens” music festival. Downing stated that he was happy to have recovered from the illness; he said it was a pleasure to play in front of his fans, who were very disappointed when he had to cancel his appearance for last year’s Jazz In The Gardens. Downing also spoke candidly about his illness and the making of the After Tonight album. He spoke of the challenges he faced being in a wheel chair and while doing the vocals for some of the tracks on After Tonight. But all this courage has paid off for him, as he is back on tour and working in the studio. As to his performance at Jazz In The Gardens, he completed a red hot set and was every bit animated like the Will of old.

Downing will wind down promotion of the After Tonight album to focus on the completion and upcoming release of his latest recording entitled “Classique” which is due “to drop” on or about June 24, 2009. Will also revealed that he is undecided as to which song he will release as a single from Classique. Judging from his repertoire of musical hits, fans will not be disappointed. While we are all eagerly awaiting his next record, let enjoy cuts from “After Tonight” like So Amazing, After Tonight, Satisfy You and All I Need Is You. No doubt you will realize that those are my favorite cuts from the album, so go ahead and decide on yours.

  1. April 14, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    Will KILLED it at Jazz in the Gardens! He lit up the stage!

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