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Partying Is Out Of Bounds For Heat Players In ATL

Miami Heat
There is a new rule for the Miami Heat players and its nothing the Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulated. The rule for the Heat players was self-imposed as they prepared for their trip to Atlanta. D-Wade and his team decided that they would enforce the “no-go-out” policy, making party attire optional for the Heat’s trip. The Heat’s approach will be all business and no pleasure. The night life scenery in ATL is very similar to the South Beach scene, making it out of bounds for the fifth seeded Miami Heat players.
The decision to take care of business was an all around team effort, one which was fully endorsed by the team captains Wade and Haslem. Wade and Haslem are the only remaining players from the 2006 NBA championship team. The “no-go-out” policy was decided on, long before the Heat knew where they would play, and this policy was even more cemented when it became destination “ATL”. Haslem said that even though there are two full off days, late nights and carousing will not be tolerated. He said violators will be fined. Well lets see if this policy will be a factor to their success.

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