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Olympian Usain Bolt Suffers A Set Back

Bolt Suffers A Setback

Bolt Suffers A Setback

News feeds were buzzing earlier today with the news that Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt was in a car accident in Jamaica, but police and his manager said he was not seriously injured. Several reliable sources are reporting that the sprinter was speeding on a rain-slicked highway, when he lost control of the BMW M3 and it went off the roads. Sgt. David Sheriff was the first officer to arrive at the scene in St. Catherine parish and found the car heavily damaged.

Bolt and an unidentified female passenger were taken to the hospital, though neither was seriously hurt, Sheriff said. Bolt’s manager, Norman Peart said that his client did not sustain any major injuries, only scratches from the thorn bushes, when he attempted to exit the car after the accident. Peart also said that he was relieved that his client will be fine. However, as a precaution, Bolt’s team will conduct tests over the next 48 hours to decide whether he sticks to his competition schedule, Peart said. Bolt has a meet Saturday in Jamaica and is set to run a 150-meter street race May 17 in Manchester, England.

The 22-year-old sprinter won the 100 and 200 meters at the Beijing Olympics and was part of the Jamaica team that won the 4×100 relay. All three gold medals were earned in world-record times.
Bolt was given the BMW by his sponsor Puma as a reward for his outstanding performance in the Olympics.

Usain Bolt who was also scheduled to compete at the Golden Spike meet in the eastern Czech city of Ostrava in June. He was slated to run the 100 meters on June 17, meet manager Alfons Juck said. Bolt also competed in the meet in 2006 and last year, running the 200 both times. If he sets a new world record, Juck said Bolt will receive a bonus of $100,000.

Stay tuned for further update on Bolt’s condition, as we wish him a speedy recovery.

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