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Lebron James Is Still King

Lebron James

Today when all the sports reporters, sports fans and others get together to celebrate the Orlando Magic’s win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, they should remember that Lebron is still the king. As I a fan, I sat at home and watched all the Cavaliers games this regular and post season. I remembered the losses especially for Lebron, because you could tell he was hungry for a better result. Fortunately for Lebron during the regular season, his teammates showed up and were productive when it counted. But the playoffs is a beast by itself and certainly made victims of the Cavaliers. In my opnion, Lebron will needs more supports next year, nothing against the current players, but you need to show up every single night whether it the regular or post season. I admired Lebron’s leadership through it all, he was a star who shined every game, and even his worst performance was better than his teammates’ best.
After all he was the leading scorer in the playoffs, but when he was asked about it, he made little of the fact, always lifting up his teammates. Even though he was averaging 44 minutes per game, he did not whine about it. He play offense, he played defense, he was a cheerleader, he was a motivator and he was the curtain call.
I think the most touching moment for me was in Game 4, when Lebron was seen wiping blood off of Mo Williams’ face, as a result of an injury Williams sustained during the game. Now that was a touching moment that gave us a peek into the soul of a champion.
So today when we play “Sunday Morning Head Coach,” lets take the loss for all its worth and give Lebron the merit he deserves, lets not speculate if he is going to leave Cleveland, just let the guy breathe and watch his highlights. And yes I was a witness that he is KING.

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  1. May 31, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    LeBron is a great player, but he did NOT make his teammates better this series. They shot under 45% against the Magic. He constantly held the ball way too long and only passed when he had to, which was normally at the very end of the shot clock. How many times did Gibson, Mo, West, or Big Z have to chuck up a 3 with the shot clock winding down? Even the best players cannot perform under those circumstances. Instead of saying the rest of the team failed to step up, we need to see if LeBron gave his teammates the best chance to succeed. LeBron deserves a lot of blame for this loss and maybe he shouldn’t have scored and shot so much. The rest of the Cavs just stood around and watched him, not getting into the flow of the game.

    Ultimately, this loss will help LeBron in the future, but for now, he needs to bear some of the burden for the defeat. Letting him off the hook easy and by saying how amazing he was will only fuel his ego and lead to more selfish performances in the future. He needs to be humbled and play like they did in the first two rounds of the playoffs. The more he shoots and dominates the ball, the worse Cleveland plays, plain and simple. He can be a team player, but this series he was exactly the opposite. He was more selfish than Kobe can ever be. Sure, sometimes it works like it did in Game 5, but in the long run, it’s unsustainable. I should know, I’m a Lakers fan who hates when Kobe goes into Ballhog Mode.

    Just look at how he skipped out after last night’s game like a spoiled brat, not a King. Just because he lost he couldn’t congratulate the Magic or stay and answer questions? That’s a totally selfish act, only thinking about LeBron, but he’s getting a free pass because his teammates didn’t step up. That’s ridiculous.

    It’s time to take the hype colored LeBron glasses off and call him out for LOSING. If LeBron was a winner, he’d have found a way to get his teammates involved and beating the Magic. Instead, he shot more than ever, became more and more selfish, and then pouted when he lost.

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