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My Letter To Kobe Bryant and The Lakers

Dear Kobe:
I know I have not showed you any love during the regular season and worse so in the playoffs, simply because I have been cheering for the other puppet in the now famous Nike ad. However, please do not take it personal, its nothing about you and more about me, why I chose Lebron over you. Simply put it had to do with that Bob Marley shirt he sported one day and that helped me to look into his soul.

But please, let by-gones be by-gones, time to look ahead. I know you heard about Lebron’s surgery, so please do not text him, twitter or call him to tell him, that I am rooting for you. Kobe, please tell your teammates to be on board because, I want revenge against the Magic. Yeah, yeah, I am from South Florida and needs to be loyal, come on, loyal to the guys that ticked off my classy Lebron, ast the end of the series? Ops, dont worry, I think you are classy too.

I want pain and suffering for the Magic, and since the referees were not kind to the Cavs and not even congress wanted to introduce a bill for fairness, maybe you and Phil can take a shot at it. I want totally lock down, foul out Howard, send Lewis to school, as to Alson and Pietrus tell Fisher, I know he already knows what to do.

Oh, and what is this nonsense with Pietrus and your shoe, its not like he has a shoe deal, its either he wears the best of go shoeless. As to Nelson, with due respect, he wants to come back? Tell him to take a chill pill, after all he projected his comeback to be pre-season. What is he annointed by ying and yang?

Kobe, I have to go because Lebron gave me a word limit on this blog post, so I am chanting my inner Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Magic Johnson, Kareem, and if that’s not enough, here is some Vince Lombardi: “winning is not everything, its the only thing.” Peace out, but remember the numbers 4, 15, 10, 4 so you can silence Shaq, 15 for the Lakers total Championship and 10 for the Zen Master Phil.

Yours Truly

As Obsessed Sports Fan

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