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Chanting My Inner Kate Perry In My Message To Brett Favre

Brett Favre

Okay, in the words of my 17-year, ” I am not a hater,” but for god sake Brett Favre – grow up. I am normally a level headed professional, but you are making me question the meaning of tears and good-byes. I have stuck in there with you Brett, through all of the wins and losses with the Packers, through the painkillers allegations, through the tearful goodbyes and yes the shameless returns.

I stood up for you all the way in Florida dude, If I wore tattoes, I would have the number 4 inked on my arm – or maybe not. But I hope that helps you figure out, why I am calling for you to grow up.

Your on and off again relationship with the Packers is like the boy meets girl, boy sleeps with girl, boy dumps girl number on Broadway, and the last time I checked your name is not “Joe.” Brett I do not know if you are scared, but if you are, I can understand and as an agent you and I know there is life after football. So there is no need to keep going back to the NFL to redeem your ego. You are name brand and endorsement material, please go out like Mike.

If its revenge you are seeking, why did you leave GBP to go to the Jets? Are you that bitter Brett? I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I am running out excuses for you, and you simply don’t have any excuses I could use.

You asked for your release from the Jets, after knowing your season ending numbers were not up to par, you even told many sports reporters that you would not play next season. Brett you kept the status of your shoulder hush-hush and have been playing games with the Vikings, one minute you are on, the other you are going to stay retired. Your agent is even a bigger liar and you are both playing games with the current Vikings QB.

I guess you will step on, pass over and throw any incomplete pass just to prove to the GBPs that you had your way. My dear, take it from a former polo player, I still like horses, that does not mean I should try to play polo at 43.

If you do come back next season, on your way to stick out your chest at the Packers, please leave me out of it, I do not want any part of your tears and goodbyes. Don’t make any appeal for “fans” to support you, because I speak for fans near and far, who are tired of your Kate Perry tune. Yes Brett you hot, then you are cold…in and then out, you kiss and make up, now you fail to show up. Realize this Brett, no one is losing sleep if you dont come back and no one is sleeping that you are. Call me a hater if you wish, but I do not get paid to be your enabler.

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