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Cristiano Ronaldo: My Departing Eye Candy

Cristiano Ronaldo

They say money can’t buy you love, but that is exactly what Manchester United’s skipper Sir Alex can do now that the Real Madrid team has gotten their heart’s desire, snagging soccer hottie Cristiano Ronaldo from his home at the Old Trafford. The Ronaldo deal has been described as one of the most tedious and drawn-out transfer sagas of the modern era.

Not only is this deal dollar staggering it leaves Fergie with buying power and rewards Real Madrid for their business savvy. Sir Alex Ferguson will have an extra £80 million (US$131m) to buy some love of the fans and to recruit other players to the club.

As a Manchester United fan, I am saddened to see Ronaldo go, but it was a soccer divorce waiting to happen. It’s a win-win situation for Cristiano as he gets paid for a professional he loves, and will do so, with his favorite childhood team.

Although Ronaldo was a staple for the Red Devils, on a bad day, he’ll win you a game; on a good day, he’ll do so in such a manner that will leave his opponents considering retirement at half time. He’ll beat men with pace, humiliate entire defenses with his skill, and fluster teams with his unholy knack for finding the net.

England has not seen that sort of explosive genius from a winger since John Barnes, who was at the peak of his Liverpool powers in the late 1980s. We must remember that, though Ronaldo did commit the cardinal sin of saying he would stay several times this season, this was a player who openly expressed his desire to leave the club but was talked out of it by his boss. Maybe that was Fergie’s mistake, and maybe that made this messy divorce all the more inevitable.

No player in the world can do for the club what Ronaldo has done, and the comparisons to George Best are not undeserved. He’s unlikely to ever be held in the same regard due to the nature of his departure, but nobody can dispute just how important he has been – a point, which will be made painfully clear should the club fail to cope properly.

So when Sir Alex takes out the check book to spend over the summer, please buy some eye candy players, then some skillful ones and see if you can at replace Ronaldo in the looks department a girl love here Red Devil eye candy.

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