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My Official NFL Pre-Season Rant

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I have mixed emotions about professional athletes who feel that because they entertain us on Sundays and Mondays, they are entitled to be above the law. I am only hoping that this is just my imagination and not a trend marking its way to a Wide Receiver near you.
For some strange reason, I am convinced that Plaxico Burress, Donte Stallworth, Brandon Marshall and the Chris Henrys of the NFL world expect fans to support their plight and root for their return to the game – no harm no foul.
In the case of Plaxico Burress, his was a case of stupidity meet opportunity. I am still stuck on the fact that this grown man who earns a significant amount of money, packs an unlicensed weapon for a night on the town, instead of hiring bodyguards.
Donte Stallworth, to me has no defense in my book and should have been jailed for a longer period, to keep him off the streets of Miami – my home town. A 30-day sentence courtesy of the good old plea bargain and a financial settlement takes care of his woes. But what is this little legal measure teaching our youngsters growing up.
To me it says, hey party hearty, drink, get stoned and whatever happens, your chances will be as good as your attorney. I sure hope part of the settlement reached with the victims family, will go to psychological treatment for the nightmares that the family will no doubt be suffering.
As to Brandon Marshall – dude please grow up. Your past few years have been more about how many finances you have beaten, choked, or threatened. And to add fire to my fury, you have the nerves of wasting the ESPN viewers’ time to give an interview denying the allegations that the fans can already see through the holes in your story.
Players should remember or their agents should tell them only one percent of the best of the best gets a NFL Contract, so treat a NFL job offer and the subsequent employment with respect. Simply put, outside of their uniforms and within the confines of their private residences, they are just like citizens just like you and me and will have to do time for a crime, just like you and me.
I guess this is the part where, I turn the Mike Vick’s negative to positive, as not once did I hear of Mike resisting the book that was thrown at him for the crimes he committed. He has served his time and even though (and don’t get me started with Mr. Goodell), the NFL is “thinking” about his return, on the condition that he expresses remorse.
Give me a break, Plaxico, Brandon and Donte exist on lenient punishment in “Divadom” and Vick sits at home making $11 per hour. Explain something to me, have the NFL players lost their minds, or should the legal system give the ultimate penalty for each and every unsportsmanlike conduct, regardless of the high profile lawyer?
In summary, Goodell must decide if he’s going to let Burress play while facing a possible grand jury indictment on Sept. 23 on felony gun charges. If there is an indictment, the trial is not expected until next spring. Goodell could announce he’s suspending Burress for the first month of the season, but still allow a team to sign him now, bring him to training camp and then have him for the final 12 games. What nonsense!!
Donte’ Stallworth was also facing a possible 15 years when he was arrested and charged with DUI manslaughter after he killed Mario Reyes while driving drunk in Miami, Florida on March14, 2009. He reached an agreement to plead guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 30 days in jail, two years of house arrest (during which he can continue to play football), and eight years of probation. He also reportedly reached a financial settlement with the victim’s family. No word yet, if Stallworth wants to play next season.
As to Brandon Marshall, he is off twittering somewhere about his disgruntlement with the Broncos. Three words Brandon: “Honor Your Contract.

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