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The Shaq And The King

Shaq and The King

I truly believe I must have done something special for the basketball gods, because today I woke up to some really great news. No I am not going to acquire a NBA franchise and did not have a nightmare about Lebron James (as if I would wake up from that dream).

But the news involves Lebron James. Next NBA season there will be a vehicle powered by diesel running up and down the court in the form of Shaq Diesel.

Yes sports fans, the Cleveland Cavaliers has acquired the right to Shaq in exchange for Ben Wallace, guard Sasha Pavlovic, a second-round draft pick and $500,000 in cash.

O’Neal who was traded to the Suns by the Miami Heat in 2008, did not make a big impact on the Suns, and we would hope that he helps the Cavaliers steer their way pass Dwight Howard and the Magic next season.

If the Cavaliers manage to capitalize on the deal with Shaq, it would mean that the Cavs would have two out of four leading scorers in the NBA. Of course, how Shaq responds to this call for duty in the off season, will be up to his desire to make this happen with Lebron.

I have not been able to obtain any comments from Lebron, but I sure hope he is excited.

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