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Yao Ming Might Be Out For 2010 Season

The Houston Rockets had better throw a dinner party for all the players; so that they could serve up some good food with the bad news the team received on center Yao Ming’s left foot injury. According to reports, this injury could be severe enough to hold out the big man next season, and could even be career threatening. Ming will know the severity of the injury upon completion of the selected treatment method, which will be used.
According to Rockets’ team physician Tom Clanton, the injury has the potential for him missing this next season and could be career threatening. “One of the things we are trying to get is a consensus opinion on that, to make certain there is no option we are overlooking that would provide an earlier return or would be an option for treatment that he would prefer rather than doing additional surgery.”
Clanton, responding to a story on Yahoo Sports that reported that the Rockets and Yao representatives are concerned Yao will never play again, said that Yao could choose to try again to immobilize the foot in the hopes that the hairline fracture of the tarsal navicular bone would heal on its own, as several of his previous bone injuries have and doctors expected this time.
Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said that he would not comment until he knows all the facts. Yao is scheduled to meet with several specialists to consider a wide variety of options. Clanton declined to say what option he expects to recommend. Because Yao is entirely asymptomatic, there remains a hope that additional time in a boot or cast could allow the bone to heal on its own.
Yao had a pin inserted in the foot in February 2006 and was ready to play in the Olympics in less than six months, and in 77 regular-season games last season. Clanton, however, said there is concern that a more extreme procedure might be warranted, even though his current injury is considered less severe.
If Ming misses the entire season, we can safely say that the Rockets luck out on the deal involving Shaq. Although it is not clear whether Shaq would have elected to go to Houston in a trade. Even though Houston has managed to win without Ming, he is an integral part of their team. Hope he gets well soon.

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