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Is Jim Brown Starting A Beef With Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Foundation
As a lover of everything sports, I really do insist on myself, to find time away from the games to give back. I have been a volunteer ever since I can remember on the insistence of my dear my – bless her heart. She told me that giving back, in whichever way I could, makes or break who you are as a human being.

But as the years rolled by, I have giving back to causes I believed in, and some that I have had fun doing. As a volunteer, I have been an event planner, volunteer recruiter, fundraiser, board member, Orange Bowl Ambassador, even assisting with my kids’ booster club.

At no time during my tenure as a volunteer, did anyone seek to tell me that I needed to be more socially involved with the various issues we all are faced with. The various organizations, where I donated my time, was simply thrilled that I gave of my time, versus writing a check.

But trust me, if I ever could afford to start a foundation to help others, it would be a recreation center with indoor golf courses, basketball courts, batting cages and you name it. I think children are our future and fully well believe that if we invest in them from an early age, we will not live to regret it.

This segways me into the recent comments made by NFL Hall of Famer, Jim Brown about Tiger Woods. Everyone who knows me, knows that NO ONE speaks ill about Tiger Woods – no one. But I will be a grown up this time around for the sake of being fair.

If I must paraphrase Brown, who said that Tiger is a killer in his sports and will run you over, but is not doing enough for social issues. Jim, I have one question, who deem you the know all, be all on social issues? First of all, as a woman, I am quite taken aback that you will speak from your high and mighty throne, knowing the injustices that you have been accused of in your past.

Correct me if I am wrong, not one time, did I her you come out and speak remorsefully about the number of domestic violence accusations that have loomed around you for the last few years.

Yes, you have purportedly tried to clean up your act, but fighting street crime and worked with gang violence, but who are you to judge what drives Tiger? Seriously, golf and football are two different sports; the way of thinking is totally different as a pro golfer and a pro footballer.

Not to knock what your efforts are on social issues, but there are different approaches, you might believe that fighting gang violence and inducing neighborhood peace is where its at, while Tiger created a foundation to teach kids to regenerate their efforts into being a good sportsman, ultimately making decisions about the future and beyond.

The question is not what you have done to prove you are a contributor on social issues, but rather are you doing anything at all to make a difference. Henceforth, in that regarding Mr. Woods should not be the focus of your banter, instead, you should express an interest to collaborate instead of criticize.

Now, just in case Brown has not visit the Tiger Woods Foundation’s website to inquire, before making that ridiculous statement, here is an excerpt from the website:
Empowering Youth: Providing access to critical developmental programs is a priority for the Tiger Woods Foundation. Youth are encouraged to explore their interests and career aspirations in an inspiring and supportive environment at the Tiger Woods Learning Center. Achieving goals and reaching dreams is the focus of our nationwide character development program. The Foundation is giving youth the skills to lay their own groundwork for the future.

We can proudly say that more than 10 million young people have benefited from the Tiger Woods Foundation since its inception in 1996. Through programs and annual events, the Foundation continues to make a difference in the lives of youth around the world.
Our programs, initiatives and students continue to grow and exceed expectations every day. What started out with limited access throughout America, now reaches out to young people around the world. We’re proud to say this is just the beginning.

Just in case Jim was not familiar with the Tiger Woods Action Plan; here is another excerpt (there is even a phone number for ease of reference Jim):
Defining goals and achieving them while giving back to the community is what Tiger’s Action Plan is all about. A character development program for youth 8-17, Tiger’s Action Plan addresses three priorities: character education, volunteer service and career exploration.

The curriculum begins by helping kids identify their dreams and goals. By the fourth unit, they are asked to plan an Action Project that will benefit their community and throughout the remainder of the program will explore careers and reflect on their efforts. For the grand finale, participants complete their Action Project and give a formal presentation to their friends, family and community.

Once completed, participants are equipped with tools to help them continue setting and achieving their own personal goals, creating their own ladder to success. Since the program also encourages community service and volunteerism, young people are instilled with a desire to give back to their local communities and continue making a difference.
Teachers and group leaders can obtain a ready-to-go curriculum, and individuals can participate in the program by clicking on the link below or calling 1-866-916-GOAL.

What I think this all boils down to, is Jim wanting Tiger to be the stereotypical spokesperson to the problems facing inner city kids and neighborhoods, nothing wrong with that, but there are different approaches. So the next time Jim Brown wants to “beef” with Tiger, he should pick up the phone and call Tiger to discuss ideas, instead of trying to rule the social issues platform, looking from his “throne” like the model citizen that he is. In short and with due respect, Jim Brown “shut the hell up.”

  1. ice
    July 1, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    Amen to that. Is Jim aware of the foundation.

  2. tim wick
    October 7, 2009 at 2:28 am

    What Jim Brown says about Tiger Woods must be taken at face value. What Jim Brown claims and who you judge Jim brown to be are two entirely different matters. It is the oldest fallacy in the history of journalism and continues to be the stock and trade of the profession to this day: the ad hominem attack. Any freshman in college recognizes it and knows what it is, yet it lures us into more analytical mistakes than any other fallacy of critical reasoning. One should look into what Jim Brown claims, not into the rumors of his personal life.

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