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A Little Tweeting Won’t Hurt Nobody

chadTwitter is a social networking tool that has been instrumental in linking people of all walks of life, who share a common interest. With the explosion of Twitter, even CEOs and other business executives are using this medium to get their thoughts out to regular folks like you and me.

In a grueling economy such as ours, the least we can do is share a tweet with our friends and loyal followers in exchange for the lavish dinner parties and wine tastings, we can no longer afford to take our friends to or even meet new ones at.

We can share links to recipes; sports stories, wacky pictures and yes shout outs. Pro golfers are tweeting, doctors are tweeting, and artists are giving their two-cents to either start a beef of quash one. Fans give their two cents on the game, the movie or a CD.

Twitter has become a self-made marketing outlet for people of all walks of life too. And I have never heard anyone except for my teenagers complain about getting too much information.

As far as my teens are concerned, mommy’s tweets just get in the way of their text messages from their gazillion friends. But outside of that, they love my sports and entertainment updates.

Actually to say that the LPGA golfers, who were allowed to tweet during their rounds in a recently concluded match, lost focus and could not sink the crucial putt, would be far from the truth.

On that note, I guess if you were paying attention to Twitter or is a follower of Bengals’ Wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco, then you will know where I am going with this NFL/Ochocinco debacle.

Ochocinco, who is famous for injecting fun and humor into the NFL, is best known for his sideline antics as well as his clutch receptions. So when he posted a tweet last week about wanting to tweet during the games, the Gringes at the NFL aka “NO FUN LEAGUE” were all over him like a defensive back.

The “Gatekeepers” at the NFL, announced shortly afterwards that there would be no tweeting from Chad or anyone else. That’s it players, there would be no celebrations after the touchdown, no leaping into the fans, no smiling, and no tweets, “this is the no fun league.”

I am a firm believer of discipline and professionalism, but there is nothing wrong with a little tweeting on the sidelines. Maybe instead of putting a microphone on Ray Lewis or Ed Reed, I would like to see them tweet about what’s on their minds. Unless however, they are planning to tweet pictures of the opposing team’s signal calling (yes I went there), then the tweeting should be a no go.

Last time I checked, offense and defense are never on the field at the same time, so tweet away Chad, be my guest. Tell me why you were having a bad game, tell me if there is a DB that can cover you, tell me if you are feeling gravely ill, tell me if you need more money, tell me if you need a wedding proposal…tell me Ocho, just tweet it.

So word to the wise heads at the NFL, including but not limited to Roger Goodell, please let Ochocinco post his tweets, it might be the only humor we will see or hear about this upcoming season. After all the ticket prices might be out of reach, and with all the job losses, cable and the NFL Sunday Ticket affordability might be slipping away.

So in 140 characters or less, here is my tweet @NFLGatekeepers: Leave the players the hell alone to have some fun!!

Tweet you later.

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