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My Parting Shot To The Training Camp Bound NFL Players

So after a long wait the National Football League aka NFL aka the No Fun League will roll up the curtains to welcome another pre-season, training camp and regular season. And as if, we did not have enough drama during the offseason, I am eager and a bit anxious to see how things will rollout for all 32 teams.

I have been following all the changes with the various coaching staff league-wide, and is even more intrigued by the movement of the players. I noticed that certain players have signed with teams where they are either a perfect match or will be a misfit. Knowing all of this, it will make for an interesting season.

While I will miss players like Brian Dawkins from the Eagles, Ray Lewis will stay in Baltimore and oh yes Jason Taylor came back home to the Dolphins. Chad Ohcocinco will be back with the Bengals and Larry Fitzgerald will still be a Cardinal.

But as I sit and wonder about all the teams and where they will finish at season’s end. My focus returns to the players and the part they play in this big win-loss equation. Which leads me to the main event of this blog – my send off rant to all NFL Players;

The Players Commandments:

1. Thou shall honor thy contract; after all you signed it;
2. Thou shall not be late for pratice; even if the coach sets the clock ten minutes fast;
3. Thou shall not disrespect your team mates while in camp; even if he hits you hard during practice
4. Thou shall not foster any talks of a hold-out; your job is not guaranteed and there is a recession
5. Thou shall not plan any golf outing during the season; less your sexual discretion and or judgmnet
comes into question, and you end up using words like didn’t would’t or haven’t
6. Thou shall adhere to the NFL Conduct Policy; for further clarification, see the Mike Vick or Plaxico
Burress Rules at subpart “just dont do it”
7. Thou shall adhere to the sacred vows of your marriage; so it stay drama free, less someone gets
8. Thou shall not slap, punch, kick or imprison your significant or non-significant other; for futher
explanation see the NFL Conduct Policy at sunsection Roger Goodell
9. Thou shall not exercise your option to be a diva, divas have estrogen and thats in violation of the
substance abuse policy
10. Thou shall not whine, cry or write a book about throwing you the darn the ball

11. Thou shall not make a list about the DBs who can not cover you, lets face it catch the darn ball, and
we will see it for ourselves

12. Thou shall not put your coach on blast whether on the sideline or at your press conference

13. Thou shall not trash talk the Referees, one is a judge and you might have to face him during the
14. Thou shall not ask for a name change during the season if you are not getting the ball, who do you
think you are – Chad Ochocinco

15. Thou shall not make it rain in the strip joint, nobody thought that was cute

16. Thou shall not take any banned substance and even try to mask it as estrogen, diet pills or Jamba
17. Thou shall not break out in tears after a lost in an attempt to get some me time, and please leave
the QB out of your meltdown

So if you are a player in the NFL, have fun this season, make the team, be an outstanding citizen, live drama free and entertain the fans like your career depended on it. Shout out to the Eagles lets go baby.

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