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Karma Is Gonna Get You Brett Favre

As the NFL season begins to unfold with the start of training camp, I believe it will be my duty to call out the injustices with the coaches and players as I see it fit. If you are wondering, I am not bias, I am as sharp as a baseball umpire, I call it like I see it. And from where I stand looking in, the Brett Favre-Vikings fiasco has gotten outlandish.

I admire the former Green Bay Packers’ quarterback, and literally jumped off his bandwagon two seasons ago. But the kinder gentler me, thought that a second chance was in order for the old gunslinger. So I watched a few Jets games last season in his support, having to eat my words in the first half of the season, when Favre looked like the Favre of old.

However, during the second half of the season, when Favre got hurt, his efforts seemed far fetched and his numbers slipped, calling into to question his ability to finish the season or even come back to play the next. But after the season ended, Mr. Favre created a broadway skit of song and dance again. This time, he adapted lines from the play Hamlet and his return was simply dubbed “to be or not to be”.

As the speculations heightened, the media, the fans and Brad Childress of the Minnesota Vikings starred in the long-running off broadway musical. We have gone through daily updates of Favre riding his lawn mover, to him hanging out with high school students. Then there was the on again off again meeting with Brad Childress. At this point I was in the I do not care about Brett mode.

To me, Brett Favre will always be a warrior, whether or not he plays in the NFL this season. He has already carved out his legacy, when he played for the Green Bay Packers. My question now will be whether or not his legacy is scared from all those indecisions. Maybe someone should send Brett a memo and ask him to write a note self (Go Out While The Going Is Good).

A NFL quarterback holds and retains certain honors and commands a lot of respect from his team and his other colleagues. The quarterback position, is one in which, you automatically assume, that this player is a leader. Oh well, so much for my assumptions, because Brett Favre has simply broken that mold.

So while I am here penning my frustrations with you Brett, lead me through your decision making process. As a fan who once thought the sun rises and sets with you in Green Bay. What’s up with the new edition Brett Favre? You should also be aware of the fact that I am not the only one asking for the old version of Brett Favre to come back.

I am fully aware of your shoulder injury, the surgery and all that jazz. But you have played for 18 seasons before and should be a good judge as to your ability or inability to return. After all you have been knocked down and out before. Help me here Brett.

Where is your assertive style, where are your killer instincts, how can I help you over this hurdle? If I must be honest with you Brett, this whole mellow drama is a made for a Reality Show sure fire hit. You see Brett you are missing your other calling. And by all means the script needs no tweaking. I think I am about to say “Action”. The main characters for this reality show will be no other than you, your agent Bus Cook and yes I said it here first – Brad “I Know Karma Is Gonna Get Him” Childress. At this point I am not sure who will stir the ratings more, you or Brad.

Coach Childress has been playing dodge ball with the fans, the media, his team and most of all his current quarterback. It would be only fair that we establish one fact going in – Karma is real and it will get you. Karma will be real for you, if you continue to string the Vikings along, and will be a reality for Childress, if he strings the current quarterback along waiting for you.

As you fully well know, no evil and calculating sins go unpunishd and the way I see it, you have been hogging the spotlight for that extra 15 mins for the last few years. Say it ain’t so Brett, tell me if its your ego that’s making you do this – come on blame someone or something else.

One piece of advise buddy – you can get off this moving train right now by throwing Childress under it. You can issue a press release eluding to the fact that Childress forced this drama upon you. Please Brett, just say you will not be bullied into coming back. Then submit your resume to the networks and join the “talking heads clubs”.

Leave the idea of playing to the players who has a one way ticket with their lugguge all packed to go. Withdraw yourself from the possibity of having karma hitting your way. On the other hand too, stay retired, cause karma is sure to get the Vikings and Coach Childress.

  1. garbonzo1977
    July 25, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    I met Brett one snowy night at a movie theater in Green Bay in 1995. Huge blizzard, only four people in the place. Thought I’d leave the guy in peace, but HE came up to ME to shoot the breeze. I just said ” Thank-you for all you’ve done for the Packers and us Packer fans.”, and shook his hand. Amazing athlete, class guy, ultimate competitor. I’m a huge life long Packer fan, but when are we all going to realize Brett did a million times more for the GBP than the GBP ever did for him. When are the GBP and all GBP fans going to realize how much of a privilege and blessing it was that Brett did what he did in Green Bay. He could just as well have done it elsewhere. I’ve spoken with guys who played for Lombardi and they all had the same self-assessment….average guys who were inspired to become extraordinary players and men. Brett, those of us who have really followed your career know that you became an extraordinary player and man mostly because of you, your Dad, and your family. You don’t owe anything to anybody but those you love and those who love you. Brett, I hope you and your family decide to put on the purple and gold and do what you do best. GO GIT ‘R DONE!

  2. theblake
    July 26, 2009 at 8:54 am

    I have the same feeling concerning this.

    Favre use to be one of my favorite quarterbacks in the league. Loved the guy. But when he came back last season and went to the Jets, dragging the process out as far as it could go, that was my final straw. And here we go again this season.

    I agree that he has earned the right to make his own decisions. I have no disagreement when people say that. But this has become a circus, and I’m simply tired of hearing about him every single day on ESPN.

    Great post!

    • dascoop
      July 27, 2009 at 10:26 am

      I appreciate your great insight as usual. Feel free to stop by anytime. Follow me on twitter at alicejam.

  3. Karma Sutra
    February 2, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    I just had to comment at how prescient this article was…written back in July of 2009…and karma came and bit Brett and Brad right where it hurts the most. I met Brett once in Appleton, WI (right down the road from Green Bay) and he was an ordinary, great guy. Brett – please heed the signs, if you care at all about your legacy…

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