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An Earnest Prayer To The Football Gods

Dear Football Gods:
I am a humble fan, whose only sin is being guilty of trash talking with my friends. And since you know everything about me. You do know that I secretly curse Rich Eisen and Jamie Dukes if they are not given a thumb up to the Eagles.

But since this is officially opening night for preseason football. I thought I would send up a special prayer for my injury-proned Eagles. If I see anyone else hurt on my favorite team, I swear I will apply for special exemption to play in this league.

I have been reading, tweeting, blogging about all things NFL for the last several months and hope that you will not hold anything against me for the blunt statements I have made about the players union, league office and yes the infamous NFL Commissioner.

In all fairness, I am a football activist and I hope that you have already deciphered that. I call the plays like I see them and god forbid, if there is any injustice. Players have been called out, and even coaches.

I am taking full responsibility however, if karma is what has gotten to the players on the Eagles. I will endeavor to be a careful fan. I will vow not to get caught up in the proverbial hype. I will spare the announcers and networks talking heads my wrath on game day, and will be civil even to my children for cheering for the Cardinals and Falcons – seriously though – will I get punished if I don’t even regard the Falcons as a real team. Lol.

There is something new, in case you do not have Internet service up there in football heaven. I have been given the opportunity to do a sport radio segment on Australian Sports Radio and my show streams live on the Internet on Saturday evenings. I have gotten positive feedback and is holding my own.

This year, the golf gods have decided to give me a pass and a temporary excuse, until January – yes that’s it, if I don’t play golf early on Saturday or Sunday mornings, there will be no golf at all. I have decided however to “tivo” all things Tiger Woods.

Finally, I pray Michael Vick gets a new home soon, that Stallworth rehabilitates himself, that TO scores about 16 touchdowns, that Haynesworth get double digits sacks, that Derrick Brooks gets a contract as it might be his final year. Just a few more wishes, I hope Eli finally signs his deal, LT with be back being successful this year, Reggie Bush will be injury free and Brett Favre stays retired. It will be nice to see John Gruden in the booth for MNF, and hopes that Howie Long changes that hairdo.

In closing. I give thanks that Donavan McNabb got a contract extension, sad that Brian Dawkins has left us and really hope that Michael Crabtree will sign his deal before the lock out. Good luck to that D-Man at the NFLPA: DeMaurice Smith and I hope that Roger Goodell will take himself lightly.

Have to run, I forget to change my ringtone to the Eagles fight song and that’s Andy Reid calling me to talk about the Jim Johnson playbook I bough on eBay. Are you ready for some football….la la la la.

  1. August 13, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    I read…and feel ya, ESPECIALLY T.O. scoring 16 TDs. LETS GO BUFFALO!!!

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