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Brett Favre, His Legacy And The Pursuit By Brad Childress


I guess the latest news to hit the sports airwave today is still not sitting well with me. But maybe I am just a bitter sports fan who rants too much about issues that bothers me. The return of quarterback Brett Favre to the NFL, and more so the Minnesota Viking could be one of those very reasons that I get grumpy as a sports fan.

Frankly speaking I thought that I was way over this Brett Favre saga a few blogs ago, but obviously not. Here I am again like the “retired” and “unretired” quarterback Brett Favre blogging away on the day’s breaking news.

Over the past three weeks, I have made some pretty bold statements about the status of old Favre, one of which, was that he was just laying low until training camp got down to the wire. Maybe I said that just to compensate for any emotional response I would have had, should the old guy decided against his retirement for just one more time. It seems as though I should always bank on my gut feelings, because it saved me from screaming and/or swearing today, when I heard of the news.

Over the past four years, Brett has retired so many times, I am simply afraid to check on the meaning of that word, which if, my memory serves me correctly has a certain ring to it – like done, finished, dismissed, over and I could go on and on.

The continued pursuit by Brad Childress of this old guy Favre, made me think, that Childress was just interested to sell tickets instead making the playoffs or earning the respect of his team. Is Brad Childress some kind of fool, who would forego the option of bringing in good candidates instead of an old guy who has seen better years. Isn’t a head coach supposed to be a leader, be trustworthy, the injector of confidence, the motivator, the philosopher and a doer?

So when did we downgrade the coach’s role to be the cheerleader, the groupie, the follower, the blind and the dumb. How could the owners allow the head coach, to call the shots based on his childhood dreams and not his adult ambitions. Have the Minnesota Vikings ownership and front office lost their ever loving minds?

Brett Favre will be punishing us for the next one or two or three or four years, because he neglected to venture in the post career planning business. He will be forcing us to lose our sports fan religions, as we will be cursing the TV sets, our fantasy leagues, our friends and other fans, for having to watch him get beat down on Sundays and Mondays.

Which leads me to the his press conference and a certain tone which he took with the reporters today. Favre was not his old warm and fuzzy self, it was as if he was chosing to be on the defense instead of offense. He told one reporter that anyone who had questions about his on again off again decision to play, should simply not watch him play. A bit brassy, from the tearful Favre who has given a few too many press conferences about his retirement.

While I do not know how it must feel being one of the other quarterbacks on the team, I know they must have heard voices in their heads from the first day of camp. How could they not have been chased by the ghost of Favre? When in my opinion, Favre was just essentially told to lay low.

And to futher add insult to my grumpiness, I had to sit there and listen to Favre telling “John Public” that he is still nursing a rotator cuff tear with heavy build up of calcification. Hmm, sounds like the team brought him in for tickets sales rather than for throwing touchdowns.

At the end of the day it will not matter, who watches Brett Favre and the Vikings, but the truth shall be told that Favre and only Favre owns his legacy, at least he was clear enough about that fact during the press conference.

So as we wonder off, waiting around for the preseason game on Friday, lets hope that Favre will be the Savior the Vikings needed, so that next year, coaches with less than stellar teams can have the chance to call Mareno, Moon, Elway, Montana and Kelly out of retirement. And one thing those guys will have to do for me, is to show up for their press conference as cocky as Favre was today.

The Brad Childress we saw in that press conference today should also know his faith at the end of the season, as he is now playing on the last two year of his current contract. If he does not return, will the jock-strap chasing of Favre, be the sole reason, he will be asked to retire?

And so, here is my official retirement for this Favre saga, I will need a one way ticket to blog heaven, where I can write about all things sports, be less grumpy and certainly for a winning season for my Eagles.

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