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Usain Bolt Lightning And Thunder


I have to admit that I am sentimental when it comes to former Jamaican sprinter Don Quarrie, but no one can not deny Mr. Bolt for his talent and abilities. When I first heard of Usian Bolt, I was amazed of the fact that he was a 400m runner who wanted to switch to the sprint double. I was drawn to that story, because I was a track and field athlete in high school who actually moved from running the 400m to the sprint double. In fact its quite an adjustment from 400m to the 100m and 200m, and this takes getting used to.

At the last Olympics I could not help cheering for Usain although he was going up against Asafa Powell – and it can be said that I am an unapologetic “homer” when it comes to “Safa”. But in life, you have to appreciate greatness and recognize talent for what it is. So maybe you call it bandwagon jumping, but I call it loyalty to my roots or part of it so to speak.

Usain Bolt is this once in a life time phenomenal athlete that I believe have several more record breaking performance in him. He runs with such ease and unlike the other sprinters in the past, he manages to stay loose. You might be wondering how sprinters from this little island cranks it up race after race to finish on top. But Jamaica’s track and field stars are born at the elementary and middle school level. Athletes are able to determine their strengths and weaknesses at an early age.

Whether there is another specimen like Usain Bolt, one will never know until a few years from now when “Lightning” exits stage left, and in my ideal world become a high flying wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. Bolt’s record breaking sprint double at the recently concluded World Games will just be another measuring stick for his next race, as I feel he has a 9.4 seconds in him for that 100m.

So lets put out hands together and cheer for this freak of nature sprinter from the little island of Jamaica, not at all forgetting Asafa Powell and his contribution to the history books as well.

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