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What’s It Gonna Be Favre


The saga fit for reality television starring Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings continues to be the box office hit this week, but the coming out party for Mr. Favre was less than stellar. No. 4 completed 1 of 4 for 4 yards, he looked rusty and confused. But whose fault is it that Favre was forcing his muscles to work? Brad Childress has been the coach obsessed with this over the hill quarterback. He has centered his whole team around this 40-something year former gunslinger. I say former because Favre’s best days are obviously behind him. It’s such a pity that the show Hard Knocks did not take their show to the Vikes this season, because it would be quite a hit with the behind the scene starring with Favre his “forced to be disciples”.

Maybe it’s my paranoia, but the tension was even visually obvious in the practice huddle. I am not kidding you, the first few days of practice that we were privileged to see courtesy of the NFL Networks, was quite revealing. You could see the faces of the other quarterbacks looking a bit dazed from the mere presence of the “thief” who arrived in the dark to steal their thunder.

But as the world turns, I am taking a front seat to this action packed saga. If the Favre who showed up talking about having butterflies before the game, continues to have this lack-luster display of talent, fans and talking heads will boot him out of town. During his debut as the ‘self-made” starter in Minnesota, Mr. Favre was upstaged somewhat by Tavaris Jackson who threw a “perfect game” or so said his own head coach “Brad C”. Childress ought to be ashamed of himself, no wonder he seem to be talking with his head down these days.

Poor Jackson, he lost the chance to be the starter when Brett was parachuted into town, and given the golden spoon without any training camp torture. But Jackson was not asking anyone to feel sorry for him, as he let his arm do the talking on Friday night. With rumors swirling that Jackson will be traded before the start of the season, I sure hope that he goes to a team that will utilize his services right away.

In comparison to Favre, Jackson really did showcase his arm and accuracy, Jackson’s quarterback rating for the game was a 158.3, which is the highest number attainable by the byzantine formula that calculates that statistic. He completed 12-of-15 passes for 202 yards and two touchdowns, including a 64-yarder to Darius Reynaud in the third quarter. And if teams were looking at this game to see if they might want to trade for Jackson, he didn’t do anything to hurt his case.

But seriously, is Brad C on some special meds on that short yellow bus? How could you want to trade Jackson, who even had the better 8-game stats last season in comparison to the “gray-haired” one Favre.

What if Favre get butterflies next game and has 0 for 9? Will Jackson be a serious contender as a starter? Or will Childress and the gang install Favre as the starter just to sell the tickets? Lots of questions Brad C! I really believe that Favre will be the Vikes’ “rain-man” and/or cash cow during this experiment and “the chosen”, which was anointed to save the team from empty seats this season, might put up numbers, sell tickets or simply retire at season’s end. After all it is a recession, and the teams need to make money.

So seriously Brad C, what’s it gonna be? To be or not to be is the question for Favre and Brad C.

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