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My State of the Union Address To The Football Fan Sisterhood


My fellow divas, I am here to tell you that the state of the female sports fan union is good. I am happy to announce that regardless of the off season drama with players and training camp injuries, we girls did not fail to register our dues in this sports fan union. I am elated to tell you that the regular season kicks off in less than 24-hours. For me, life has been good, I have been busy defending the honor of our estrogen/hormone and responding to sly comments by the male sports fan kind, about our loyalty to this game. I have been blogging and fighting for the right of the fans male or female, but the boys clubs still fail to register any gratitude on their behalf, instead they renew the age old question – as to why girls love sports, especially football. Adding insult to injury, this really charming, intelligent, thoughtful and kind specimen from the boys’ club exercised his “audacity of nope”, when he asked me, if a female sports fan’s loyalty solely rest with the players good looks.
Those were fighting words, that made me want to draw upon my inner soccer fan, but I maintained my posture as a lady/diva and schooled the fool, on how deep my love flows for the old pigskin game. I broke down game film with him, he calls himself a coach these days, getting paid for his knowledge of the game – man, I sure did take him to school (those poor Pop Warner kids).
The state of the union continues to be good females fans, as you are showing up to games in record numbers, running fantasy football leagues, bleeding orange and teal for the Miami Dolphins, green for my Eagles and silver and black for “Da Raiders”.
You are sportscasters, sports agents, sports fans, sports attorneys, front office personnel and pop Warner coaches – yes you are woman. You reveal the knowledge and love for the game on facebook, twitter and myspace. You blog, you scream from your living rooms on Sundays, drink beers, and yes you tailgate – yes you are woman.
You are woman hear you roar, the guys will not leave you out in the cold, no longer will girls wish they were invited to join the office football pool, yes boys, we run the leagues now and even dare you to request an invite. Yes, we have overcome being a football widow.
For the newbie female fan, take courage my sister, we seasoned female fans got you covered. Welcome to the sisterhood and enjoy the benefits of the union. Stand up to the challenge and be counted as a fan. I am here to tell you that the membership comes with perks. Learning the game will earn you brownie points with the boyfriend, the lover, the husband and with your other male friends. As a sports fan you are no longer considered to be the average girl, you build friendships and other bonds with other females from all walks of life.
But before you go strutting your stuff, take a few minutes to learn the new terminologies, which will become a part of your lingo for the next five months and thereafter. Note to self sister fan, there are 32 teams in the NFL, to find out which teams plays in your city, log on to http://www.nfl.com. At the start of every regular season the teams name 53 players to their active rosters, injured players go the injured reserve list and about 4-6 players make it to the practice squad.
The quarterback is the leader of the team and especially on offense, he is the one who passes and throws the ball for a potential score. If he over throws the ball and someone from the defense gets the ball, then that’s called an interception, which can produce a defensive touchdown. The offense is the team with possession of the ball and the defense is the team defending the offensive possession.
The defense is sometimes described as either of four-three or three-four, on a four-three defense, there are four lineman and three linebackers in formation, and the three-four is the reverse of three line men and four linebackers. A first down is the initial down in each series, the offense has four attempts to complete first down or else they have to punt the ball to the other side. A touchdown is worth six points, a point after is just that and the field goal is a three-pointer. A time out is used to regroup the team for strategy and finally a running back lines up behind the quarterback to run a pass, while the wide receiver aka diva is the player who receives the ball down field.
So this season, when you chant from the seats at the stadium, tailgate before the game, wear your team color, just remember we are female sports fans, no matter what our religion, no matter our color, we bleed green, silver, orange, maroon, gold and Steelers’ black and we will not be ignored. Say it with me – the state of this female union is good.

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