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Public Service Announcement To Andy Reid

I interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news from a fan’s prospective. I repeat this is not a test, this is reality, these are serious times that require serious measures. So here goes…Andy Reid, please listen up.

We the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles want to relay this message to you. Please do not mess around with the season banking on Kolb. You played around with the game last week, and frankly, we were not amused with you trying to be loyal to Kolb, foregoing your options of Jeff Garcia in the second half.

Why else would you pick up Garcia off waivers, if you have forgotten about how he played well, when he had to fill in for No. 5 a few seasons ago. So today, here is your note to self Andy, use Vick early and go to Garcia if the need arises.

This is football, there is no experiments, no excuses, no wait and sees and certainly no playing with the fans’ emotions.

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