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Confession Of A Sub-Par Fantasy Football Team Owner

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Who would give thought that fantasy football could dethrone the quintessential diva and the authority on all things sports. But yes I am here to tell you that such a misfortune has taken place in my world. Oh yes I am the self-professed guru on all things sports, cricket, soccer, football, basketball, golf, track and field and even polo. I have played some, watched some and am a diehard fan of others.
I have even represented athletes and created some havoc in my time. I am a sports blogger and even have my own sport segment on Australian radio.
So you would think that a sports buff like me would have it all together in the NFL Fantasy Football, heck I could recite stats from here to the ends of the earth, and I could even recite excerpts from Hall of Fame speeches – Michael Irvin’s was my favorite.
Over the years, I have come to hold my own in the Fantasy Football world and have even called a perfect week on “Pickem” – picking every winning team for that week – no trophy to show though.
So this year when my co-workers recruited me to join the office fantasy football league – I was so hyped I felt like Jerry Jones (lol). I immediately started to trash talk, making enemies in a fun kind of way. There was one guy, who claims that he was only playing for the hell of it, simply because he was not a huge football fan – he preferred basketball. There were two people from my department, who loved the game like I do – one a Dolphins’ fan and the other a diehard Steelers’ fan.
The days leading up to the draft, team owners exchanged knowledge of the game and the top players (something they would not do in the NFL). On draft day, I was met with a few challenges, but got the two quarterbacks that I had pre-selected. I had to do some scouting after to acquire some free agents – but I had the pedigree for that or so I thought.
First week out, I took my opponent down, finishing that week with the highest score in the league. But for the last six weeks, luck has not been on my side. I have been careful in setting my team each week, I utilize the injury reports, I watch the daily TV sports shows, listened to the pundits and even took notes. But my weekly scores do not reflect that.
First of all, the infamous guy/co-worker, who declared his ignorance for the game, was 8-0 at “press time,” and this week when my Steelers fan colleague finished ten points ahead of him going into Monday night, he still could not beat him. This mid-season fantasy expert (a/k/a “thorn in everyone’s side”) did not even move a player to the reserve list even when it was a bye-week, he even had the audacity, to ask me what it meant when the player had a “bye”.
In the words of Vince Lombardi: “winning is not everything, it is the only thing,” so I will try my best to continue to season’s end, with my ego deflated. I must say that this has been a humbling experience for me in every sense. Believe me, I even gave tips to my colleagues, who used it to beat me in the end. Leaves me to a moment of re-evaluation for my next year’s strategy. As for that wanna-be NFL owner/Fantasy “showboater,” let him sit there – given taunting speeches on Monday mornings, smile every time I pass by his office. It will be a long time before I quit buddy – even if I am a loser, and this is my true confession.

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