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Is Flozel Adams Stupid, Simple Or Slow


Regardless of how much I dislike the Cowboys, Jerry Jones and the stupid stadium, I have enough intelligence to write an objective piece about another boneheaded infraction by the self-destructive hulk himself – Flozell Adams. I am of the opinion, that if there is no collective bargaining agreement in place, players should be on wallet watch, but instead, hot-headed players continue to contribute to the NFL Boneheaded Mutual Fund. Week after a week, players get into mischiefs, which cuts deep into their pockets.

Former Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams (now a Bengal) was in my opinion one of the dirtiest players that ever wore a Cowboy uniform, but he has left his legend for the latest moron of big hits – Flozell Adams. Adams who is fresh off a $50,000 stupidity investment for a hit on New York Giants’ Justin Tuck, continued with his antics this week. If you watched the Cowboys game on Saturday night (aside from the hype about “will they win” in December), America’s team executed just enough to overpower the Saints’ offense, shutting down the run. And if that was not enough to celebrate, “Nozell Adams” took celebration to another limit, head butting his teammate and ironman running back Marion Barber.

If you watch the video at nfl.com, check out the excellent celebratory headbutt by Adams, which knocks Barber to the ground. Of course, Adams is no stranger to extracurricular hits — he’s now known as perhaps the dirtiest player in the game. It’s not known if the Cowboys will make Adams’ wallet any lighter after his hit on Barber — most likely he’ll get a good talking-to from his coaches. “Late hits are for the other guys, Flozell. Not ours. ” And the next time you go hitting on your teammate, it might just affect the rest of the December games. Are you stupid, simple or slow?

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