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Memo To Reid And McNabb

Dear Andy and Donavan:

This is Alice, the biggest pain in the neck Eagles’ fan ever. I am writing this letter to you both, because my state of mind depends on it. You see, I have been up and down with these Eagles from the days of Cunningham. I have stayed up late on Sundays and Mondays and even changed my schedule for the early games. I have given up playing golf during football season, just be able to see my Eagles.

I have cried with the “almost bids” to the Superbowl and the shortcoming during the playoff bids. Yes, I have also scream my heart out during the days we have success. Heck, I am a diehard fan.

Donavan, you have made steady strides, you have been hurt and even had your selfishness challenged this year when Mike came to town. But I am thankful for the days that you are in the starting lineup. I can tell with the first snap, if you will have a great day in the huddle. But while I have not doubted your committment, today I am begging you to show up. Yes I know that Andy might not play you for the entire game, but I am begging you to play your hardest.

Andy, thank you for your leadership, courage under pressure and that calm demeanor, which has produced great success over the past decade. But make no mistake, you are as good as your last game. You and No. 5 have come a long way, and today is as important as any other record-breaking game.

Today Andy, you play the Cowboys – note to self, I loathe those freaks. But if pleasing your most outspoken fan is not enough, then just win one for the Gipper.

The Eagles’ Defense has been on fire, and I give props to Samuels and Cole, the offense get a bet sheepish and causes me insomnia sometimes. I am confident however, that the team is all on board for this last parting shot against Wade and the boys.

Hint, hint guys, the possibility does exist that the Eagles and Cowboys will meet again in the playoffs, so a win today is a must. Today, we might have to rely on Ackers to finish the job, but meeting him half way is a must.

Today boys “we play to win the game”. Today – “winning isn’t everything, is the only thing”, Today is about the heart and soul, pride and joy, do or die and any other cliché football quote.

So buckle up your chin straps and lace up your cleats, you are my prime time, cause you have to compete. Make no assumption, I will be up front and center watching – so please execute like your bonus depends on it.

Today, boys, you putt for dough and drive for show – ops thats a golf cliché, but hell you all could use it.

Sincerely – You Know!!

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