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Joey Porter – Player Determined of Labba-Mouth

Oh yes, I am a proud resident of the suburbs in Miami, I am believe that is an honor to live here. One may ask the billion dollar question though – am I a Miami Dolphins fan or even a Miami Heat fan? And to those who must know I am not. Somehow I find it in my heart to be a patriotic, flag carrying-buy-American activist, but for some reason, I am not digging the home teams. Maybe it’s that fact that the Dolphins treated a couple of my favorite players (like Mark Clayton, Mark Duper and Daunte Culpepper) with the cold gloves, and henceforth the commencement of my hateration.
So fast forward long after the Marks are gone, I still have no new love for the home NFL team. Of late they are like a thorn in the local fans’ side, as they have a bunch of “not so much” players sporting the Dolphins’ teal during the season. Which leads me to the “on again off again linebacker” Joey Porter. This specimen of a linebacker or so he thinks, is the most persistent loud-mouth and in your face player I have ever seen. He complains more than he needs to and even whines when he was benched during the season, for his less than stellar performance. Of late he has been demanding a trade or if he stays, he wants to be a starter. Tough luck buddy, word from the wise, Joey, there is no collective bargaining agreement in place and you are not so young yourself.
What the heck are you doing lobbying to every media person that will listen to your sad story, telling than that you only spoke to your head coach on Sundays and has not spoken to the Big Tuna (Bill Parcells) since November? Maybe you should do less talking and more listening to the noise all around you. The Dolphins, Joey did not make the playoff again for the one millionth time and you were on the bench during some of the wins and losses.
Porter who has been a solid player in Miami, stuck with them team through that unfortunate 2007 season and helped turn them around in 2008, but when all is said and done he might be remember more for what came out of his mouth than anything he did on the field.
In some respects I am sure fans would be sad to see Porter go, but it’s ugly to watch someone putting himself through such public ordeal, putting the “I” in TEAM, the fans, and the city the Dolphins represent. So Joey, take my advice, hire war room staff to do the mud slinging, heck get your agent to be the mouth piece, because that entire public outcry will get you nowhere fast in an uncapped year.

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