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My Personal Note To Tiger Woods – In Light Of His Pending Statement

Dear Tiger:

A little birdie told me that you will declare yourself transgression-free on Friday and speak out after your post-Thanksgiving ordeal. A fiasco you have crafted for yourself. But I must interrupt your little pity party for a quick public service announcement – preempting your pending controlled press release, news conference or self-serving news statement, media manipulation or whatever the hell you might call it.
If I must Mr. Woods, tell you about yourself before this news broadcast, I might as well tell you, while I am at this, that your philandering saga is the biggest public relations nightmare since Pete Rose was charged with gambling, since Magic announced he was infected with the AIDS virus, since Wilt opened his black book and since Roger Clemens took B12. You have been and are no longer afforded to control the media, decide what questions are asked, force people to think you are a saint, self-proclaim that you are private and give the “caddy steer” to annoying fans.
When this story went public and viral, I was enjoying my life having my post Thanksgiving dessert and left-overs. Can’t say that I thought that you would have ruin life for every married or single guy in the world with the unthinkable transgressions, sending men worldwide huddling to find a new hero and a novel theory on relationship for years to come.
So the audacity that you would have had, not to even consult with skilled and qualified professionals, who could have advised you not to pursue the “holier than thou” mode, but instead to apologize, admit and move on. You have hurt fans, your family and must I say your sponsors. Not that I care Tiger about your personal life, not that I care that you are always south on social issues, not that I care that you do not acknowledge your history and what you have done to young boys and girls, who you claim to support through your foundation. For god’s sake you are way above par on this one.
Your discretion and judgment off the field has nothing to do with my business, but if you, for one minute believe that this public scrutiny goes away with your carefully crafted and legally seared statements on your website or your robotic statements, then you are of the impression that golf fans are crazy or stupid.
So tomorrow, when you step to the podium, reach for your inner soul, that’s if you have one, speak from your heart, even Mike Vick managed to have done so. Admit that you are wrong, ask for continued privacy for your family, and say you will do something about the hurt you have caused. Look into the camera and speak the truth for once. Field questions from the press, because remember they helped you up and will break you down, be human, thank your wife even for her patience and apologize to your kids. Some dos and don’ts for you Mr. Woods, golf should not be at the fore front of this discussion, don’t forget about the word “healing”, ego should be eliminated from your persona, do try to smile and speak warm to your audience – millions will be watching and for god’s sake remember you are human so please show some remorse.

  1. braddah louie agrabante
    February 19, 2010 at 6:52 pm


    Aloha from Hawaii. I remember in your younger days when you use to play in the Grand Slam on the Island Kauai. I use to fly from Honolulu to Kauai to see the best of the best golfer and you were it.

    In life we all have choices and we all make wrong choices. What you did, you have to deal with it. To heal you got to feel, to feel you got to be real. Find yourself, it all starts with you and it all ends with you. Actions speaks louder than words. “Humble Pie”
    To right the wrong, making things “PONO” right. Your wife and kids, your family comes first. They are the first and foremost. Then make your ammends to the ladies that you had your flings with. Now you can deal with your sponsors and fans. Tiger you can do it, it needs to be done. No one’s perfect…I know…

    When you return to play golf. Kick ass, you got to be that Tiger. You never go out on the golf course to get a tan. Remain hungry even if it takes you to swear and throw your golf clubs, “just do it”. You know what it takes to be the best of the best in any big golf tournaments. “WIN”

    With your issues, you discover, uncover, disgard, only to recover. Find a power greater then, a God of your very own understanding
    “Spiritual” It takes time to heal, stay strong and be real. Wishing you the all the best.

    Aloha from Honolu

  2. February 23, 2010 at 11:26 am

    I have to say Alice, wish you had put this in an envelop, slapped a stamp on it addressed to Tiger. Very sobering level headed observation. Thanks for putting it to words.

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