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My Fantasy Football Dilema Diva Style

I interrupt my regular scheduled blog post, to bring to you the most self-serving victory speech, that I has ever seen published south of the equator since Cuba Gooding, Jr. accepted his Oscar years ago. I say this because, any guy who challenges me “the chosen one” – on anything humor and/or sports deserves an Oscar himself. And if my comment was not self-serving enough, this brings me to the point of why I am writing this blog post. If you are a “hater at heart”, then feel free to read aloud.

This blog post has long been overdue, due to my time restrictions these days, but finally, I have now managed to squeeze sometime between work, NBA season, winter games, golf and motherhood to pen this scribe. First and foremost, I must send shout outs to all my co-workers, who participated in the 2009 Fantasy Football League. From my prior blog post discussing a certain evil Fantasy Football owner, that same guy has managed to win out the regular season and playoff to become “the champion”. So the hater that I am, having suffered the worse loss in FFL ever , I donated the trophy to show some goodwill and wrote the speech to present the Champ, with his award for being Fantasy Football’s “Chosen One”. However, “Champ” had the audacity to rub our noses in the losses, eluding to my ultimate demise. So I raise him my demise and he topped it with the thank you speech that follows. So without further humiliation, I must reveal my name as “4/3Diva” and take this tongue lashing like a Diva:
Thank You guys! Thank you so much … we did it! And your superior recognition for true athleticism in an unbeatable franchise is greatly appreciated. I can’t begin to tell you how much this means to me and my players. We began this season as the underdogs and much to everyone’s surprise (except my own of course), we emerged victorious.
I must say guys; it was a long and winding road. However it got real exciting; especially approaching the bottleneck for playoffs. While others were scrambling to clinch wildcard positions, we were cruising through – gaining victory after victory with the wind in our sails and defeat in our rear view. My players – some tired, some injured; some took serious shots to their egos after making a number of bonehead plays; and others played exceptionally well from beginning to end. You know who you are … Nonetheless; they all stuck in there with me. In the end, our hard work, tireless efforts and of course my unique, uncontested and highly successful coaching techniques ultimately paid off … we emerged yet again an unstoppable winning force.
But all in all, it was a great season. Surprisingly though, the trash talks weren’t that much different in the locker than they were in the office. The level of competitiveness was amazing! It managed to erupt from the hearts and mouths of those that I first mistook as meek; nonetheless it remained healthy.
The 4/3 haters (… clears throat … Divas) undoubtedly helped to make this a memorable and unforgettable season. Perhaps it was mostly due to their threats and off-field antics as opposed to their demonstration of team leadership and effective coaching techniques. What they lacked in organization, calculation and field goal executions they definitely made up for with a horrible record and countless empty promises for next season. But much thanks to the 4/3 merely because they provided my guys with ample fuel to crush them with every opportunity. I’d also like to say … In the event there are any representatives of the 4/3 Divas sprinkled about in attendance, please … do blog about that.
The Miami Money Makers were straight shooters from the very beginning. I got nothing but love for that team. If there was a team and/or coach I was willing to take under my wing and mentor, this would be them – just filled with class and unprecedented potential. Their profound knowledge and interest for the game was astonishing. However, I’m convinced the off-field company they kept this year proved to be their downfall.
Stomp Ass … well; what can I say? I guess all I can say is thanks. I think those guys predicted their future even before the season began. They definitely got their a$$3$ stomped! All talk and no trousers those guys. See you next year.
Now if intimidation won games, these guys would be nothing short of champions. But since that’s not how it works on the field; I think Laces Out chances would’ve been a much better team had they played with their laces in; but that’s just my opinion. The good ol’ Land Sharks played like a team … like a team of Sea turtles swimming backward in a rabbit race. … Always bet on Boynton guys!
… the Fighting Lawn Ornaments? (Snicker) … yeah right. Come on guys!
Seriously though, there were plenty of good teams and a number of solid plays out there this season; we just played better and managed to come out on top. Again we want to thank you for this award and the honor that accompanies it … and we look forward to yet another fun and healthy season next year! Lace up guys! Thanks Again!

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