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Tiger Woods Flying Solo At The Masters

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

After deciding to return to golf at the 2010 Masters, Tiger Woods will go it alone on his first outing. Sources close to the embattled golfer are saying that Woods’ wife Elin will not be in attendance at Augusta National, when her husband tees off on Thursday.

Returning to his familiar stumping ground after the five-month hiatus (due his extramarital affairs and sex scandal), Woods could have used the support of his wife for this coming out party. After a brief stay in “rehab” and a recent media rollout, Woods seems to be doing the right thing on his way back from those awful transgressions.

Holy Mackerel Another NFL Player Arrested

March 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Stop the press another NFL player was arrested for possible DUI and alleged assault on a police officer. Former Miami Dolphin linebacker Joey Porter was arrested by Bakersfield police after being pulled over on suspicision of DUI. The Bakersfield PD reported that Porter refused to provide his driver’s license and began to roll up his window when asked to leave the car. Police said that when an officer reached to unlock the door Porter slapped the officer’s hand. Porter eventually got out and complied with orders, placing his hands behind his back, he was later arrested along with the a passenger who was riding with him.

The embattled linebacker recently signed a multi-year with the Arizona Cardinals after stirring up trouble with the Dolphins, forcing the “Fins” to release him. More famous for his whining than his stats this past season, Porter should get himself together and realize that his temper tantrums are no longer funny. After 11 years in the league, one would seriously wonder what the heck was Joey thinking.

Ben Rothlisberger’s State Of Union With Roger Goodell

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Oh well, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has finally decided, that he would come out of hiding on the Ben Roethlisberger off the field issue, deciding that he would meet with the sex scandal embattled quarterback this week. For the pass three off seasons, Big Ben has been in the news for either the bike accident or sexual abuse lawsuits. As if, the allegations set forth in the Las Vegas lawsuit were not red flags enough, the NFL waited a whole year and yes another allegation, before Roethlisberger explains why and how he is so prone to girls spreading false rumors about him.

The No Fun League(“NFL”) sure does have patience with some players and then throws the books at others. God forbid that Terrell Owens, Flozell Adams or Albert Haynesworth did the same thing, they would not have been allowed to breathe, before Roger Goodell and Greg Aiello intercepted their lives, citing to every line of the NFL’s policy regarding zero tolerance for behavior detrimental to a team.

There is no doubt that public displays of drinking affection, showing NFL players gagging on Patron, Hennessey of whatever their choice of shots, should not be tolerated. But when girls are involved, anything can happened, yes “rape” or the delusion of same, could be reported to the police. Whether or not the latest victim learned from the mistakes made in the Vegas case, one will never know. Anyway you look at this, Big Ben needs to cough up to the Commish, what really happened and/or why he is always the victims of these vicious attacks.

In turn, Commissioner Goodell should decide whether or not to send Big Old Ben to rehab with Amy Winehouse, before his public display of affection with the bottle and women gets reported in the news for yet another time. It’s time for Ben to quit being a victim and more a survivor. Reports this week also surfaced that head coach, Mike Tomlin expresses concerns about Ben’s off the field issues came as no surprise to Steeler’s fans. But only time will tell on this one.

Get Motivated: A Star-Studded Lesson In Leadership

March 14, 2010 Leave a comment

The Bank Atlanta Center in Sunrise, Florida will come alive on Monday March 15, 2010, as the highly renowned motivational and leadership seminar – “GET MOTIVATED” rolls into town. Get Motivated is famous for its high energy, action-packed, star-studded, fun-filled, spectacular stage show. CNN, 60 Minutes, USA Today, TIME, PEOPLE, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal all rave about it! This motivational mega-show packs more inspirational firepower than a stick of dynamite!

The star-studded panel of speakers for the Sunrise, Florida includes General Colin Powell, Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade, former New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani, America’s Most Wanted John Walsh, Legendary President of Microsoft Rick Belluzzo, NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Don Marino and Get Motivated’s Tamara Lowe. This group brings together a wealth of knowledge in various fields of business and will share some of their success with attendees. General Powell has gained a name for himself as a public servant, goodwill ambassador and the voice of veterans every. He is even more famous to his family and highly revered as a mentor. John Walsh has led the fight for missing children, having lost his very own son. Walsh’s show “America Most Wanted” has assisted law enforcement officers nationwide to bring criminals to justice. Dwayne Wade and Don Marino are both sports legends who know enough about teamwork to work the crowd. While I have seen Rudi Giuliani’s speeches during the last presidential campaign, but prefers him as mayor of New York and of course, Rick Belluzzo brings his body of work from Microsoft.

For more than 25 years, corporate leaders, Fortune 500 companies, educators, business owners, sales people, medical professionals and more have made Peter and Tamara Lowe’s GET MOTIVATED! America’s #1 Business Seminar. The husband-wife team Peter and Tamara Lowe, are the dynamic duo who create and produce The GET MOTIVATED! Seminar, and have been happily married for 20 years.

Together they have built numerous successful companies, travelled to more than 100 countries, served as advisors to the world’s most influential leaders and are the proud parents of two terrific sons. Peter and Tamara make their home in South Florida. So tomorrow when the curtains roll up on this one I will have a pad and paper ready to take notes and will be sure to report back.

The Legal Battle Over The NFL Anti-Doping Policy

March 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Trial for the case involving Vikings’ Pat and Kevin Williams is in full swing in Minnesota this week. An NFL executive says the league’s independent drug testing administrator should not have exempted players, who inadvertently took a banned substance before, two Minnesota Vikings tested positive for the same thing two years ago. The Williamses are accused of taking bumetanide, which is a diuretic used sometimes to mask evidence of steroid in the body.

Adolpho Birch is the NFL’s vice president for labor law and policy. He testified Thursday in a lawsuit by Vikings players Pat Williams and Kevin Williams against the NFL. However, Pat and Kevin Williams are contending that the NFL broke state labor laws in applying its anti-doping policy. Birch, who is in charge of the league’s steroid policy, testified recently, that he administered the same punishment to every player that has been referred to his office, for a positive test for bumetanide. Although the Williamses tested positive for the diuretic, neither player is accused of taking steroids.

As this saga plays out in the Court room, one could only hope that the league will finally secure a full-proof system once and for all in the very near future.

Eric Roberson On The Move

March 10, 2010 Leave a comment

On Sunday, March 21, 2010, when the sun goes down on the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, soul music will get another chance to make a comeback. The artist bringing this musical sentiment will be none other than the hot young singer/songwriter/producer, who hails as Eric Roberson.

Known affectionately as “Erro,” Roberson will make a stop in at the Jazz In The Gardens Music Festival for the first time, and what a great way to make his South Florida debut. Jazz In The Gardens music festival which is in its fifth installment, is renowned for bringing together a star-studded cast of performers, and will once again deliver with Roberson.

Born in Rahway, New Jersey on May 8, 1976, Roberson comes a musical family heritage, that’s deeply embedded in the music, he puts out today. He has been blessed with a world class voice and a gift as a songwriter. Under the guidance of his father who is a musician himself, Erro has evolved into a promising young star. After graduation from a New Jersey grammar school, Eric Roberson received a full scholarship to Howard University. While at Howard, Eric received his first recording deal from Warner Bros. in 1994, releasing the song “The Moon”, which broke the top 40 on the Billboard R&B Singles chart.

Unfortunately, Roberson’s relationship with Warner Bros. ended soon thereafter; so he returned to Howard University and finished his degree in 1997. From this point, Roberson was determined to enter the music industry. In Roberson, Jazz In The Gardens concert goers will find an example of an artist who is trying to bring back soul music, and all that goes with it. A genre that once stood strong as the voice of love, unity, happiness, togetherness, and upliftment; looks to have lost its firm hold in the music industry. Roberson and his body of work – both songs written and produced, delivers the flagship soulful sounds. His distinctive sound and lyrics is enough to stir this genre of music back to the frontline, and simply there may be no way to stop this brother.

Eric Roberson is a Grammy Award nominated songwriter and the undisputed ambassador of an eccentric blend of soul music. He has been a leader and mentor, and has continually to pave the road on how to be successful in the music business. For fifteen years, he has consistently produced eminent soul music.

His work as a songwriter should be duly noted and is evidenced on the song “So Long” for the group Phajja. Roberson earned his way into the music business first by. He is credited for some great song including but not limited to: 112 – “Funny Feelings” (1998), Will Downing – All the Man You Need (2000), Case – Open Letter (2001), Musiq Soulchild – “Merry Go Round”(2000), “Previous Cats” (2002) and Vivian Green – “What Is Love.” Eric Roberson also performed and co-wrote a duet with Jill Scott called “One Time” from the Down To Earth soundtrack. You can also find Eric Roberson working with DJ Jazzy Jeff with the song “Rock with You” and “For the Love of Da Game”, and vocal collaboration with Raheem DeVaughn. Other notable work to be considered is “I Have A Song” for the Prison Song soundtrack, and “Hold On”, written for Dwele on his Subject album.

Eric Roberson has created six albums of his own: The Esoteric Movement, The Vault Vol. 1, The Vault Vol. 1.5, and The Appetizer, Left, and Music Fan First. He touches every aspect and facet of soul music, from the love-filled melodic ballets, to the soulful upbeat songs that make you move. Outstanding ballad such as “Just A Dream”, “Def Ears”, and “Should We Try” show the songwriting ability of the artist, as well as the rhythmic creativity in the way the lyrics are arranged in the music.

You can tell that lyrical content is something completely thought out, not just simple works with catchy hooks placed together. He is a storyteller, and this is evident in his work. Smooth, sultry songs like “She Couldn’t Hear Me,” “Rebound,” and “When Love Calls” show you the importance of the subject matter in his music. Precisely teaching you a life lesson musically; this is an exclusive rarity in an artist. Songs such as “Rain on My Parade”, and the critically acclaimed “The Moon”, shows some of the influence of other artists, and gives you that New Jack City R&B feel of the late 80s and early 90s.

He can also make you move with up-tempo songs such as “What I Gotta Do”, “Change For Me”, “Painkiller”, and “Right Back To You”. Earning the honor to work with Lenny Kravitz was a highlight for Roberson’s career. Eric Roberson was one of ten producers in the world, One of two producers chosen in the U.S., and the only soul music producer chosen to remix Lenny Kravitz single “Breathe”, done for Absolute Vodka promotion. Other collaborations of Eric Roberson include working with Marsha Ambrosius from Floetry on “N2U” on his The Appetizer LP, and “She Ought to Know” from the The Vault Vol. 1.5, and J. Rawls on the song “Pleasure Before Pain”.

Never taking anything for granted, he appreciated his fans by including all of their pictures in the 28 pages of his album cover. Roberson received his first Grammy nomination this year, as a 2010 Grammy nominee for his single “A Tale of Two” from the Music Fan First album. For more information about Eric Roberson, please check out his MySpace or his website and for South Florida Music fans, come see Eric Roberson perform on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at Jazz In The Gardens.

To Groove Or Not To Groove

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment

The PGA Tour’s dilemma with the controversial grooves rule, highlighted by Phil Mickelson in January, was resolved on Monday when club manufacturer Ping opted to waive its rights as of March 29, 2010.

To groove or not to groove, will the question for Phil Mickelson to answer. As the “grooved club” controversy hit full gear recently, when fellow pro golfer Scott McCarron allegedly referred to Phil’s use of the renegade golf sticks as “cheating. This comment by McCarron fired off a tail wind of controversy, especially to golf’s golden boy Phil “I Do No Wrong” Mickelson. Phil is famous for calling out players like Tiger Woods for their equipment, but insisted on playing with the ridiculed clubs in a tournament recently. The United States Golf Association (USGA) rules implemented on January 1, square or U-grooves have been outlawed but a 20-year-old Ping wedge was deemed legal because of a lawsuit won by its manufacturer over the USGA in 1990.

Several players on the 2010 PGA Tour have used the square grooved wedge, but clearly no one I stalking now about the possibility of being referred to as being “cheats’. Ping chairman and chief executive John Solheim said his company had acted “in the best interests of golf” and that pre-April 1990 clubs would not be permitted on the U.S. circuit once the March 29 waiver takes effect.

“The problem is solved on the PGA Tour and the integrity of the original agreements is unaffected,” Solheim said in a statement released by the Tour on Monday. “It levels the playing field on the PGA Tour and resolves a very unfortunate situation that we predicted would happen when the USGA first proposed the new groove rule more than two years ago. “It keeps in place all of our other rights established … including ensuring amateurs will continue to be able to play their pre-April 1990 EYE2s at all amateur events played under the USGA rules of golf.”

The waiver will apply to the PGA Tour, the senior Champions Tour and the satellite Nationwide Tour.
Mickelson, renowned for his short game, has been a consistent critic of the rule change and put the controversial club in his bag at Torrey Pines simply to make a point. “It was a ridiculous rule change and even worse timing,” said the 39-year-old world number three.

“It’s cost manufacturers millions of dollars. It continues to cost them money as we now have to hire people to scan, document and store data of every groove on every single club.” Tour commissioner Tim Finchem was delighted Ping had decided to waive its rights under the 1990 settlement, saying: “John Solheim and Ping had a terrific opportunity to do something very positive and significant for the game of golf and we very much appreciate his willingness to take this action.”