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The Truth Is Alex Might Be Lying


Well it’s that time of year when players in Major League Baseball gather for spring training all over Florida, and the rumor mill starts to turn. For the last year or so, Yankees star Alex Rodriguez has been dodging the questions about his involvement with banned substances and the doctor’s that prescribes them. We can all remember when he sat in front of the podium during the 2009 training camp, after rumors were flying, looking dead into the camera, telling us the sad story of how his cousin gave him certain a substance to try. Looking back at that news conference, I can safely say that I would hate to be A-Rod’s cousin, as he takes great pride in throwing family members under the bus. I have a hard time believing that anyone who plays pro sports would just take stuff without checking it, then tell a white lie to get out of hot water. But since it was none of my business, I watch the news clip and came to one conclusion that A-Rod’s cousin and Roger Clemens vitamin cupboard would not be on my wish list.

Fast forward to this season, and now A-Rod is rumored to have been contacted by federal investigators, regarding some Canadian doctor accused of selling an unapproved drug. Adding further fuel to that fire, the Canadian doctor has confirmed that he did treat A-Rod, and guess what – with no known approval from his ball club. How could this be A-Rod, is this doctor your cousin too.

Rodriguez gave a statement last Monday saying he was “aware” of the investigation and plans on cooperating with government officials who are looking into Dr. Anthony Galea. Rodriguez said a date for an interview has not been set. “I can’t really get into that,” Rodriguez said. “I have to speak to those guys first. I’ve just got to wait for instructions.”

Galea is facing four charges in his country related to the drug known as Actovegin, which is extracted from calf’s blood and used for healing. His assistant also has been charged in the U.S. for having HGH and another drug while crossing the border in September. A-Rod said the probe won’t have an effect on him because “this is about someone else.” He declined comment when asked if he has even been treated by Galea – but once again A-Rod lied, because the doctor has confirmed treating him.

“I’m focused on baseball,” Rodriguez said, but A-Rod, so are the other players on your team who are subjected to your constant distractions. It’s all well and good to be the star on the team, but sometimes your “stardom” needs to shine less on others. The Yankees who released a statement saying they had not been contacted about the matter, continuing even further to say that the Yankees never authorized Dr. Tony Galea to treat Alex Rodriguez, nor do we have any knowledge of any such treatment. However, General Manager Cushman said that the Yankees will continue to monitor the situation and had no further comments regarding the Alex Rodriquez’s situation. Monitor no more Mr. Cushman, because it looks like the Yanks will need a PR guru for both damage control and A-Rod’s war room.

A-Rod should know that the world does not revolve around him, life is not about individual stats all the time, maybe some of the time, you can humbly let the team carry their own weight. Sometimes the truth is easier a chance than a thought and you A-Rod is cousin away from telling the truth or even giving it a thought.

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