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Ben Rothlisberger’s State Of Union With Roger Goodell

Oh well, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has finally decided, that he would come out of hiding on the Ben Roethlisberger off the field issue, deciding that he would meet with the sex scandal embattled quarterback this week. For the pass three off seasons, Big Ben has been in the news for either the bike accident or sexual abuse lawsuits. As if, the allegations set forth in the Las Vegas lawsuit were not red flags enough, the NFL waited a whole year and yes another allegation, before Roethlisberger explains why and how he is so prone to girls spreading false rumors about him.

The No Fun League(“NFL”) sure does have patience with some players and then throws the books at others. God forbid that Terrell Owens, Flozell Adams or Albert Haynesworth did the same thing, they would not have been allowed to breathe, before Roger Goodell and Greg Aiello intercepted their lives, citing to every line of the NFL’s policy regarding zero tolerance for behavior detrimental to a team.

There is no doubt that public displays of drinking affection, showing NFL players gagging on Patron, Hennessey of whatever their choice of shots, should not be tolerated. But when girls are involved, anything can happened, yes “rape” or the delusion of same, could be reported to the police. Whether or not the latest victim learned from the mistakes made in the Vegas case, one will never know. Anyway you look at this, Big Ben needs to cough up to the Commish, what really happened and/or why he is always the victims of these vicious attacks.

In turn, Commissioner Goodell should decide whether or not to send Big Old Ben to rehab with Amy Winehouse, before his public display of affection with the bottle and women gets reported in the news for yet another time. It’s time for Ben to quit being a victim and more a survivor. Reports this week also surfaced that head coach, Mike Tomlin expresses concerns about Ben’s off the field issues came as no surprise to Steeler’s fans. But only time will tell on this one.

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