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The Audacity Of Jeff Ireland

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

In case it did not occur to anyone following my posts both on Facebook and Twitter for the last two days, I am still a bit upset at Miami Dolphins’ GM, Jeff Ireland’s line of questioning during a pre-draft interview with WR Dez Bryant. After doing some research, I have discovered that Ireland comes from a long line of football pedigree. Yes he has had the golden spoon handed to him from birth. This is not to take nothing away from Ireland, who must have done something right to earn the job as GM for Miami’s NFL franchise.

I hope no one walks away from reading my blog feeling that I have anything against Ireland and his “pedigree,” god knows I have had my fair share of being called an elitist. The only difference, the people who nicknamed me elitist, will testify to my kind heartedness and “one of the regular” folks kind of attitude – but this blog is not about me.

This scribe came to further reiterate that Ireland went “there” with his line of pre-draft questions. The background of Bryant and his mother was widely reported prior to the draft. Angela, Bryant’s mom was only 15 when Dez was born, and she served time in jail for selling crack cocaine. Not that it was any of Jeff Ireland’s business. He was there to evaluate a player on his college experience, “his character,” his future goals and how it would fit in with that of those “sorry” Dolphins.

And to think that Jeff Ireland has four children, this goes beyond everything else I believe in as a parent – as you would generally treat other people’s kids, as if they were your own. I know he has pedigree and all, and that none of his kids might need to answer a “do or die” question to obtain gainful employment, but to you Jeff, I say “have a heart.”

I do not think nor will I ever believe that children choose their mothers or fathers; it’s my best bet that they are more likely to choose their friends. In Dez Bryant’s situation, one bad decision or one bad lie cart-wheeled into the whole intrusive quest to dig up things about his mom.

As if to say, the Miami Heat should have asked Dwayne Wade about his mother’s past, or god forbid someone in the Pittsburgh Steelers organization should pull Ben Roethlisberger, and find out if a family history is to be blamed for his thirst for “bars and women”. The NFL and the Player’s Union should set clear parameters from which “jerks” like Ireland and his other colleagues should operate. Yes, Ireland might not be the only one crossing the line with draft prospects, free agents and other players.
NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith lashed out at the line of questioning Ireland used. “We need to make sure the men of this league are treated as businessmen,” Smith said in a statement. “During interviews, our players and prospective players should never be subjected to discrimination or degradation stemming from the biases or misconceptions held by team personnel. “NFL teams cannot have the free reign to ask questions during the interview process which can be categorized as stereotyping or which may bring a personal insult to any player as a man. For the past year, active, former and incoming players have heard me speak about the expectations we have of them as members of this union, their teams, communities and families. It is equally true that the same kind of respect is demanded of their employers.”

That’s all well and good for Union Boss DeMaurice Smith, but where is the “Paragon of Virtues” himself Roger Goodell, when we need him to chime in. Mr. Goodell your comments are needed for an issue as this during the current news cycle. NFL Team employees are not allowed to conduct “Gorilla” typed interviews violating player’s human rights and human dignity.
To top it off, Ireland offered an apology after Bryant spoke to several media houses about the line of questions. As a mother, I was extremely proud, that he did not respond in a manner that would have been deemed as unprofessional. I don’t know if I could have done this same, god knows I have thought of the many ways I could have answered him. A sample answer: Did you need a rate sheet?


Words To Tame A Tiger

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Hmm a little birdie forwarded me a link to a message Tiger Woods posted on his blog following the Masters. Are you for real, Tiger has another transgression, one of the verbal kind, yes he is back to his old cursing ways.

The old “transgressed one posted a scribe to his fans asking for forgiveness for allowing some profanity slip two weeks ago at the Masters. He further thanked the fans for the reception he received – see excerpts from his post below:

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the fans, but they were absolutely incredible from Monday through Sunday. It was unreal. They definitely helped me mentally to be more comfortable out there. I was hoping for the best. To get that type of warmth is something I did not expect and will never forget.

“I tried and wanted to interact with as many fans as I could. One little girl gave me a letter on the third tee, which was awfully sweet. I knew a few people in the gallery, including my mom, which was nice.”
“I received some criticism for bad language, which I apologized for immediately after Saturday’s round. It’s tough when you’re in a competitive environment and in the flow of a tournament. I’m not perfect. All I can say is I’m trying to do everything I can without losing my fire and competitive spirit.”

Tiger, we know you are not perfect, I was hoping to see you back to your old form, so much for that, but god knows, you are no self-proclaimed coming of “Tim Tebow”. So, stop walking around on egg shells, trying to please everyone. You might not make any new fans right now, after all you have transgressed, please give it time. A win at the Pebble Beach or the Players Tourney however, will have them eating out of your hand again.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your scuba diving trip, glad to know you actually are having fun, playing at Isleworth again – John Cook should have beaten you by one stroke, that would have made you even more human. The mention of the double-eagle sounds intimidating to me. So take it from me, and really I am no one to give you pep talk, although I am transgression-free, live your life like no one is watching, except for the paparazzi. Good luck and keep on posting and sharing and being you – Tiger Woods.

Masters Nostalgia Coupled With A Pimento Cheese Sandwich

April 7, 2010 Leave a comment

The Master Golf Tournament has long been one my favorites golf events of the year; I grew up watching Arnold Palmer and Jack playing over the years. I got to love the atmosphere, pageantry, the prestige, the mannerism of the patrons, the intensity of the long putt and the uncertainty Sunday’s the leaderboard. In later years, I have fell in love with the younger players like Woods, Mickelson, Weir, Donald and yes the flamboyant fashion of Mr. Ian Poulter.

So when I actually made it to my first Masters courtesy of a kind old friend, I was even more impressed with the grandeur at Augusta National and the world class tourney it hosts every year. A ticket to the Masters is actually a “badge” which has to be returned upon the conclusion of the day or days you are in attendance. After all this is the most famous golf tourney in the whole wide world. Did you expect a souvenir?

The food you eat while attending is delightful to say the least – come on a pimento cheese sandwich is a classic, and add a moon pie. The prices for food items are set in stone for years now and that sandwich is only $1.50. I have been to the Masters twice in my life now and my fondest memories surround the time spent eating moon pies and pimento cheese sandwiches, being a permanent fixture at Amen Corner and eventually seeing the many landmarks – Crow’s Nest is definitely one to mention. The landmarks at Augusta National are as famous as the golfers who have played and won and even the players who have lost.

The great event has not been without drama, as I can recall, didn’t Fozzy Zeller start the “Fried Chicken” controversy about his speculations on Tiger’s Champions Dinner Menu and if I do remember Angel Cabrera down a few too many hamburgers after his 2009 win.
So this week, if you are watching your favorite golfer tee it up at Augusta, just remember that Augusta National is the place to be, for history, for architecture, for atmosphere, for pageantry and some weird golf fashion, i.e. the caddies dressed in that hmm white jumper. Just sit back and listen to the commentators describe the scenery and give punditry about the times they have had over the years and the champion past and present. It will be a good time I bet.

My picks on Sunday’s Leaderboard: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Paul Casey, Luke Donald, Camilo Villegas or hmm I don’t know – some outsider – the pimento cheese sandwich. Yum!!

One Cool Gesture By Phil Mickelson

April 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Phil Mickselon has on the good and bad side of my wrath over the years, simply put I call him out when he does good and ridicule him if he slips up on and off the course. So here goes a brownie point via my scribe for Phil. Golf fans and insiders alike over this past year have sent up prayers and well wishes for Phil’s wife Amy and his mother, who has been battling with breast cancer over the past year.

Cancer survivors are always heralded as the heroes, and like hell they are, but sometimes no one stop to think about the physicians and the staff under whose care these patients flourish. So when a husband and son tips his cap to the physican and his staff to say thanks, to me that is special. This past weekend at the Shell Houston Open, “Leftie” show some love to the Dr. Tom Buchholz, the radiation oncologist who has been treating his wife and mother, inviting the doctor along to be his caddy for a few holes, when he was no longer in contention.

Mickelson had invited Dr. Tom Buchholz of the Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, to the tournament along with many other doctors and hospital staff. Dr. Buchholz joined Mickelson on the 14th tee to take over from his regular caddy Bones Mackay.

Now that’s one really cool gesture and the least he could do to say thanks for the care and dedicating given to the two most important women in his life. Phil says that their health is coming along very well. Dr. Buchholz helped Mickelson to a birdie on 14, and suddenly a one-hole stint turned into three holes. “Three great reads, three great clubs,” Mickelson said later. “It was only supposed to go one hole. I ended up making birdie, and I kept making birdies. We went 3-for-3 together.” Buchholz had some experience as a caddy, having looped after college. But it wasn’t his green-reading skills that put him on the bag. We could only hope that the doctor has some free time for the Masters, if Phil needs to make a “Bag Call”.

My Fan Resignation Letter To The Eagles

April 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Dear Mr. Lurie:

Please accept this letter of resignation as Head Hancho Eagles’ Fan effective immediately. Thank you for all the memories that the Eagles have afforded me as a fan, but as you know, my tenure as a fan ended on Sunday, April 4, 2010. I can no longer sit back and cheer on the Eagles, who are now left with Kevin Kolb (“the understudy”) and Michael Vick (“Mr. No Study”).

My time as a fan was one with so much drama, but it was my loyalty to McNabb, that caused me to support these birds for the past 11 seasons. Yes, I was a big fan of Randall, but there was the Whitney thing, I heart Hugh Douglas – ops what happened there? I still have nightmares that Brian Dawkins now plays for the Broncos, about the Terrell Owens saga that sent me to therapy, about the heartless way you cut my friend Shawn Andrews and yes the Keith Byars issue.

I question the Mick Vick acquisition last off season, but thought you Mr. Lurie had a heart, and essentially you were just trying to rehabilitate a player who was down on his luck. I thought it was an honorable thing for McNabb to do, when he said at the press conference that Michael’s acquisition was part of his idea. Little did he know that he was designing his Easter Sunday demise?

Tell me, how this came to a trade to your division rivals. After all, this is my resignation and I have now ordered my No. 5 jersey for the Redskins, because I go where Donavan goes. Have you not read my tweets, I heart the Eagles, I lived that green for years now (by the way do you even have twitter).

So as I close out this letter, it has been real, can’t say it was not a great ride. Now on to greener pastures, see you twice a year buddy. PS: By the way, Kolb was described as the understudy in Andy Reid’s presser yesterday. Question Mr. Lurie – why not keep the real thing.

Sincerely: A fan with a broken heart.