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My Fan Resignation Letter To The Eagles

Dear Mr. Lurie:

Please accept this letter of resignation as Head Hancho Eagles’ Fan effective immediately. Thank you for all the memories that the Eagles have afforded me as a fan, but as you know, my tenure as a fan ended on Sunday, April 4, 2010. I can no longer sit back and cheer on the Eagles, who are now left with Kevin Kolb (“the understudy”) and Michael Vick (“Mr. No Study”). http://www.philadelphiaeagles.com/index.html

My time as a fan was one with so much drama, but it was my loyalty to McNabb, that caused me to support these birds for the past 11 seasons. Yes, I was a big fan of Randall, but there was the Whitney thing, I heart Hugh Douglas – ops what happened there? I still have nightmares that Brian Dawkins now plays for the Broncos, about the Terrell Owens saga that sent me to therapy, about the heartless way you cut my friend Shawn Andrews and yes the Keith Byars issue.

I question the Mick Vick acquisition last off season, but thought you Mr. Lurie had a heart, and essentially you were just trying to rehabilitate a player who was down on his luck. I thought it was an honorable thing for McNabb to do, when he said at the press conference that Michael’s acquisition was part of his idea. Little did he know that he was designing his Easter Sunday demise?

Tell me, how this came to a trade to your division rivals. After all, this is my resignation and I have now ordered my No. 5 jersey for the Redskins, because I go where Donavan goes. Have you not read my tweets, I heart the Eagles, I lived that green for years now (by the way do you even have twitter).

So as I close out this letter, it has been real, can’t say it was not a great ride. Now on to greener pastures, see you twice a year buddy. PS: By the way, Kolb was described as the understudy in Andy Reid’s presser yesterday. Question Mr. Lurie – why not keep the real thing.

Sincerely: A fan with a broken heart.

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